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Bejewelled Christmas By The Bay - Street 50 Restaurant & Bar @ Bay Hotel Singapore

Looking for a place to dine during the festive season? Street 50 Restaurant & Bar is having a "Bejewelled Christmas By The Bay" festive buffet dinners during the eves of Christmas and New Year, plus one could enjoy its seafood themed buffet on 25 & 26 December, 1 & 2 January at only $58++ per pax. On the eves, it cost $68++ per pax. Or, if you are their lucky winner, you might just walk away with a set of Goldheart jewellery worth $2000! Wondering about any credit card promotions for this buffet? Indeed, Maybank Credit cardholders dines free with every 2 paying adults.

Was invited to a preview of the restaurant's 'Bejewelled Christmas By The Bay' dinner with a group of digital media friends, to sample of some of their festive menu highlights.

Bay Hotel is just a few minutes walk from Vivocity MRT. Take Exit D and turn left. The hotel is straight ahead. Street 50 Restaurant & Bar is conveniently located right next to the lobby entrance.

Glittering Christmas by The Bay

The restaurant is of a cosy size and furnished in dark tones and accents. Vibe is relaxed.

Christmas-sy accessories
yay to crabs

Some interesting drinks on their ala-carte beverages menu. Tried the Salty Calamansi and the Ais Serai. Was warned that The Salty Calamansi drink is said to be using the original vietnamese recipe and hence, will be quite salty. Ok, game on!

Salty Calamansi @$6++
Hmm, actually it tasted pretty much like a more intense version of 吉子酸酶. The ratio of those salty stuffs were more than a third of the jar. But that suits my taste, though.

drinks menu

The 'pretty-in-pink' Soda Gembira is the familiar bandung made of rose syrup and condensed milk in soda water.  Stir well before drinking.

Soda Gembira @$6++
bevy of drinks (left to right): hot honey lemon, iced lychee tea, lemongrass with soda (ais serai) and salty calamansi

Let's get on with the food! If you see the Salmon Carpaccio with Coriander & Pinenut Vinaigrette at the buffet table, just grab this appetiser! No need to hesitate, especially if you are a fan of salmon. Light appetiser and enjoyable with just enough sauce to burst out of the salmon. Was a tasty mess.

Salmon Carpaccio with Coriander & Pinenut Vinaigrette

Repeat the same with the Smoked Oyster & Crab Cake. But don't stop at one. Take two at least. It was good. Didn't matter if there wasn't any apparent oyster taste in these babies. The crab cakes were of a good size, well cooked and with familiar Asian spice from the sambal. Lovely.

brown beauties - Smoked Oyster & Crab Cake topped with papaya sambal
have more

The other light bites was a scallop dish. Think it was a my first in trying tomato-based scallops, that was not part of a pasta dish. Easy to eat in one bite alongside with the crunchiness of the diced radish. Best eaten while still warm. A touch of elegance in the usual buffets line-up.

Bay Scallop with Warm Tomato Essence

For something more substantial, let's head on to the Black Pepper Alaskan Crab Claw with Gingko Nut and the Seafood Paella.

Black Pepper Alaskan Crab Claw with Gingko Nut

One word of caution before you dived right into the claws; the pepper sauce was power! Strong fiery pepper. However, some might find it a tad too salty. Having accustomed to the salty calamansi drink, this seemed alright. Interesting though to find gingko nuts in a crab dish.

The Seafood Paella was pretty. Look at its appetising colours! Yellow rice topped with prawns, mussels, squids, olives and juicy cherry tomatoes. Found the paella very different from the ones that am accustomed to. This dish is for those who needs their carbs.

Seafood Paella

And, for the finale, we had the Tandoori Turkey, served conveniently sliced up. There are two dips for the meat; the tangy red spicy pineapple salsa and the refreshing green cucumber coriander sauce.

Tandoori Turkey Breast for Christmas
lovely char, lovely sauces

Ended on a sweet note with crêpe suzette. No table-side cooking though. Wonder how it will be setup during the buffet. Would there be a live-station?

Liked the sweet citrusy mandarin orange sauce. My first ever, crêpe suzette.

Crêpe Suzette with mandarin orange

 Thank you Christine, Aloysius and Street 50 Restaurant & Bar for the lovely festive preview.

Street 50 Restaurant & Bar 

Location: 50 Telok Blangah Rd, 098828
Contact: 6818 6681



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