Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hokkaido Fish Market @ Novena Square 2

Prices have gone up. Still, this place is popular with lunch crowds. Here was what I ate way back in 2011 (subsequent revisit was not documented lah...). Fast forward 4 years later, am still ordering the same. Heh heh.

 Hokkaido Fish Market is a place with nett prices. This place is at Level 2 and near the Koufu food court.

sashimi 3 kinds (三色) @$18
mekajiki, maguro and sake

At times, it might not be served on ice. That day, the mekajiki was really good. The salmon slices could be slightly thicker though.

The bento set @$12 and available in limited quantities, are so popular that usually they'd be sold out before 1pm.

saba fish set @$14

The new wagyu beef bento set looked pretty good. My colleague who had it, said it was nice.

wagyu bento @$18


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