Friday, June 20, 2014

[Shopping] Getting a Backpack

Is it GSS already? Was wondering if there're any good bargains on bags? Been looking to get a backpack for the longest time but just can't decide which one. How does one decide on their bagpacks? For myself, guess am more of a utilitarian, but would also love to have something that's good looking! Sounds like a dilemma, ya?

Out there on the streets, been seeing a lot of Herschels and lately, alot of Kankens! And boy, these do cost quite a bit! Am all slings and satchels these days. And, totes. For light travel, there's the duffel. Just haven't gotten that backpack... yet.

Been to shops to look around, but most shops with interesting backpacks look like they are targeting the younger crowd. Of course, there are online shops that carries women's backpacks, so that could be one option.

The young-at-heart me would want something like this:

Then, was thinking of whether to have backpacks with laptop compartments....
American Tourister

Or perhaps this? Something wild!

Girls Street Punk Rivets

Hmm, I know what's the issue. Needa actually see myself in-front of the mirror with the bag. Main reason? Big butts. Sighs.

And so, the search continues...

On a side note, have you seen the queues at post office lately? Especially for parcel collection. Seems like many are really into online shopping nowadays. Shopping from the comfort of your home, with so many more choices as compared to normal shops and often times, it's cheaper too!

Either way, the parcel collection at post office definitely have room for improvement. Queueing an hour+ for a parcel collection on a weekend morning is no joke.


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