Saturday, June 7, 2014

天晴 Appare Udon & Tempura Japanese Restaurant @ Novena Square 2

Yup, am back at Appare again. This time round for dinner with an old friend, dear Flo. Sharing this place with her, since she stays nearby.

Walk near the store, and one will be greeted with "いらっしゃいませ!" 

shop's sign

tempura, made to order

Started with a small glass of cold draft beer. Nothing beats an ice cold beer after a day of work.

Kirin draft 300ml @$8++

As usual, made it a point to try something new at this place.

potato salad @$4.50++

Potato salad nicely seasoned and mixed with some cucumber for variety in taste.

Since one of Appare's specialty is tempura, suggested to Flo to try one. "So that we can eat it with the salt." I said.

pork ribs and prawn tempura (@$2++ and $3++, respectively)
flavoured salt

The tempura sauce here is abit different. Dark coloured, akin to soy sauce. Made with kelp and actually quite nice to eat with the deep fried meat. Pork ribs tempura was tender with a bite. Could've mistaken it for pork belly though.

deep fried chicken wings (@$8.50++)

Am lamenting the fact that nowadays, more and more shops are being less generous with the wings. Just 2 full wings for this price, well, pricey lor. Unless of course, if these chicks were flown from Japan then can understand. But maybe one can have the option of local wings so that we can have more of a good thing?

These little wings are actually tasty, marinated just nice and had a homely feel. Though it was deep fried, it doesn't felt too greasy. The pile of greens at the side, was good balance for the meat.

Definitely need some carbs by now.

seafood chirashi (@$16.50++)

Fresh seafood from Hokkaido. Thinly sliced salmon, scallops, tuna and cooked prawns topped with small mound of ikura. The amount of rice was just nice for one female. For guys, think you'll need to order something more.

Rudy, the friendly guy in the shop, divulged that his chef is from Osaka and the boss is from Tokyo. Recent addition to the menu included sashimi (not printed in menu) and chicken shabu-shabu. Chicken is imported from Japan, it seems.

Geen tea is complimentary. Service was always courteous.


ps: thanks Flo for the meal!


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