Sunday, June 1, 2014

RamenPlay @ Novena Square

Located at Novena Square Level 1. Visited on a weekday lunch hour. Got a table within minutes. The place was busy.


Not in the mood for ramen, so donburi it was. Tried the Chashu Donburi @$12.80++ lunch set. Came with salad and miso soup.

salad, miso soup and chashu donburi

Such happiness to see the rice bowl topped with soft poached egg. Runny yolk mixed well into the sticky rice. Nice and comforting. The chashu was cut in such small cubes that perhaps, it would be easy to eat for kids as well.


The salad was worth mentioning too. Crisp leaves and good portioned, served with thousand island.

Service was friendly, though tea-refills need to be requested for.


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