Monday, June 9, 2014

Ju Shin Jung @ Guillemard Village

Located at 102 Guillemard Village, near Mountbatten MRT station. Mountbatten is about 18 minutes away from Bishan Interchange Circle Line. Once reached, take Exit A and head straight right out of the station. It's about 4 to 5 minutes walk before turning right to Guillemard Village.


This place was actually chosen because our party of many, has young children. Ju Shin Jung has a play area for the kids.

for the kids

Best to inform service staff on which table having buffet and which are doing ala-carte before ordering. Children above 1.2m are counted as adult in terms of buffet pricing.


BBQ buffet items are unlimited portions of pork belly, pork collar, marinated beef bulgogi, marinated chicken and prawns. Each buffet pax is entitled to one soup (choices are clear beef rib, bean paste, kimchi, spicy tofu, bibimbap or noodle with beef soup). One can have unlimited rice too.

private rooms

Barley tea and plain water are placed on the table, so please feel free to help yourself.

roasted barley tea 보리차

The side-dishes are brought out once orders are placed.

side dishes 반찬

Two sides are recurring per pax, while the rest are shared amongst the table. In total about 7 variants of side dishes.

very chewy cuttlefish

The side dish that I liked most, was the seaweed/kelp like thingy in tangy cold soup.

very appetising

Requested to John, the friendly service staff that attended to our table, to start us off slow. Hence, the meat portion that he brought out was a smaller portion (maybe a 2 pax portion for the 3 of us).

pork collar, pork belly and 2 mushrooms
marinated meats (pork and beef), marinated chicken and tiger prawns - waiting for their turn in on the grill

While waiting for the grill, am having the clear beef rib soup (galbitang 갈비탕). First time having this, hence there wasn't any yardstick for comparison. Soup was very clear and light. The ingredients included thinly sliced radish, one red date, one small ginseng, spring onions and few pieces of beef. There was a bit of vermicelli inside the soup as well.

galbitang 갈비탕

clear beef rib soup

Ju Shin Jung provides table service where their staff can assist in grilling of the meat. However, they tend to get busy hence be prepared to grill your own as well. Didn't mind as it was quite fun to do so.

pork collar and pork belly sizzling away
copious amount of greens and garlic slice

The meats are placed at the sides of the grill once it's done. Diners can then pick it up from there to eat.

ready to eat

Pick up one sizzling hot pork belly, smear on lots of bean paste, one slice of garlic, some kimchi and wrap it all up with lettuce. Lovely.

yummy meat vege wrap

Go for the marinated chicken. Juicy thigh meat, well marinated and grilled till skin attained that smokey char. wOOohOOO!

grilled chicken on the left

After all that's done, and bills paid, the digestion tea was brought out.

digestion tea or omija 오미자차

BBQ lunch buffet per adult is $29++ and towels are chargeable. Didn't mind though as the towels were fun to do, especially the kids were pretty amazed by it.

magic towel
add water to 'grow'


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