Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri @ Kajang, Selangor

Located at Bangunan Dato Nazir, near the stadium. Kajang is synonymous with satay and the Haji Samuri brand of satay, has been around for as long as I can remember!

main outlet

Satay is available daily from 1030am onwards, except Friday from 4pm onwards. Usually crowded.

In the good old days (read many many many years ago), one would order the meat and grab a seat. Then, a bunch of satay would be served and patrons would eat what they want. Once done with the meal, the seller would come by to count the sticks and for those uneaten ones, they'd take back to re-heat and would probably end up on someone else's table.

Nowadays, it's self-service and payment must be made prior to receiving the food.

self-service counter (order and pay)

The decor is quaint, with antiques such as old gramaphones, typewriters and charcoal irons displayed on shelves or corners in the dining area.

no sugar cane here

The  best drink to go with satay, would be sugar cane. Unfortunately, that is not available here. Probably too much of a hassle to make. If its any consolation, whole coconut is available. The other drinks are usually a tad too sweet.

cucumber and rice (@RM1.50+ per plate)
kuah (peanut gravy) refillable

After ordering and making payment, do collect the cucumber and rice (ketupat) if you had ordered any, plus the drinks. The only thing that'll be sent to your table would be the satay and cooked items such as fried noodles etc.

chicken satay (@RM0.70+ per stick)

The beef (@RM0.70+ per stick) and mutton (@RM1.40+ per stick) satay suffered the same fate. Both were tough and chewy. The chicken satay was pretty consistent throughout the times that we ordered. Good sized and not too tough. Would have preferred if there's a bit more fats in the chicken satay.

There are rabbit and venison too, should you wish to try.

It's strange how the taste had changed. I remembered the taste of perut (beef tripe satay) that I had when I was a child. It was cheesy. Now, it doesn't taste like cheese, at all. But if you like something soft, then perut satay (@RM0.80+ per stick) would be good. No worries, there wasn't any funky taste nor smell to the perut.

friendly satay chefs


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