Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chong Tian Seafood Restaurant @ Taman Bukit Mewah, Kajang

Visited during the fourth day of Chinese New Year. Had early dinner. This time round, we had stir fried nai bai, steamed assam fish, egg furong, claypot tofu and braised meat with yam.

egg furong, nai bai and claypot tofu
must haves with white rice
hot water to clean the utensils

Being the first few tables for dinner, the dishes arrived pretty quickly.

egg furong (@RM10)
fried eggs with onions, small shrimps and abit of char siew
stir fried nai bai (@RM12)
simple stir-fried with garlic

braised pork with yam (@RM15)
fatty pork!
steamed assam fish - tilapia (@RM25.50)
huge fish!

The food was alright, and the fish was very reasonably priced. Plenty of meat to go around. The braised pork with yam, well, there were more yam pieces as compared to pork slices. Just four slices of pork.

Total bill came up to RM82.50 for a family of five pax.


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