Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bliss Restaurant @ Cheng San CC, Ang Mo Kio

Located at Cheng San CC, Ang Mo Kio. How often have I dined within any community club's vicinity? Hmm..almost never?

To get there, I followed the stated directions from SG Food on Foot (Derrick, who had been to Bliss Restaurant before, and in similiar fashion which was, by public transport!).

Alighted at AMK MRT, took exit B, turned right then walk along covered walkway till there is an opening at the right side. At about halfway mark and you'll see people turning right, plus there'd be an ice-cream uncle. Then, you'll see a stairs leading up to the park, or turn left and you'll see a lift, and nearby another stairs. Take the stairs or the lift (if you must), and now walk straight. The MRT tracks would be on your left (fenced). Then, turn right again at a playground of some sorts, and you'll see a public washroom plus that tiny sign that says, "Cheng San CC". Walk right ahead and you'll see the restaurant right away.

The restaurant has an indoor dining area, as well as al-fresco area (non-smoking).

menu (food and drinks)
indoor dining area
alcohol, anyone?

This place has quite an extensive drinks list for a restaurant located in a community club. Wine, whiskey, beer, cocktails etc. Happy Hour happens daily from 3pm till 8pm, with Hoegaarden draught going for just $9+ a pint.

Hoegaarden and San Miguel, on tap

Got myself a glass of premium pour (Long Neck Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa).

Premium Pour (@$8.90+)
light golden, mild to taste, almost non-tannic

Oooh, shouldn't drink on an empty stomach. Had Suicidal Wings (@$6.90+ for 6 pieces, mid-joints and drumlets aka 3 full wings).

Suicidal Wing, coated with Hot Devil sauce & chili flakes
curry leaves for extra flavour
chili flakes

Suicidal did sound abit scary, thus requested to have the chili flakes separated so that it wouldn't be too spicy. Actually, the Hot Devil sauce, turned out to be pretty mild. Too mild, to be suicidal!

could this be Hot Devil Sauce? Turned out to be negative...hmmm..

Next up, main course. Wasn't feeling particularly hungry, so chose a seafood dish, the Lobster Tail & Caviar (@$23.90+). Originally served with rice, but requested to have that changed to garden salad instead. Not a problem. Liked that the restaurant was able to provide options to suit particular dietary requests.

Lobster Tail & Caviar
closer view
from top: miso-mayo, onion sambal and balsamic vinegar (for salad)

Am glad that the sauces were served separately, as both the miso-mayo and sweet onion sambal were pretty salty. Unfortunately, the lobster meat was a little tougher than expected.

sweet onion sambal lobster

The table near mine (dainty gals) were having sirloin steak medium rare. That blissful look on their faces after taking a bite out of the tender-looking, still pink in the middle meat, had me convinced that my next order in this restaurant, would be exactly that!

How about desserts? Perhaps a scoop of ice-cream? How about a scoop of ice-cream laced with rum? Oooh. That piqued my interest.

Mango Mojito Mambo (@$7.90+)
mango ice-cream laced with rum
with some fruit bits

This was one potent dessert! Strong rum. Recommended if you like alcohol/rum and mango ice-cream.

The restaurant has a pleasant, family-friendly vibe at its indoor area. Though I spied mostly young-adults and working adults making up its clientale during the eve of visit (weekday). Prices are reasonable and service was courteous and accommodating.

Thank you to Ms Pamela Mariveles (Marketing Officer) and Mr Xiao Yu Lin (Assistant Manager) for your hospitality.

For more information:
Bliss Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd
Cheng San Community Club
6 Ang Mo Kio St 53,
#01-01 Singapore 569205

Tel: 62803389, Email: info@blissrestaurant.com.sg
Web: www.blissrestaurant.com.sg
Operating hours: Sun-Thurs (3pm-12am), Fri-Sat (3pm-2am)


  1. I hope my direction did not get you lost.

    1. Haha, it was pretty accurate actually and I thank you for it. Otherwise, I suspect I'm quite capable of getting myself lost in finding the restaurant. =P


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