Friday, February 22, 2013

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru @ Liang Court

Located at basement, inside of Meidi-Ya Liang Court. Visited on a weekday evening around 7+pm. It was raining heavily outside, hence probably that explains the lack of queue.

counter seats, and sushi chef in action
table seats

We chose counter seats, as one of the staff puts it, "This is where the action is!"

green tea

First up, nama hotate (Hokkaido scallops). Plump and fresh. Tinge of sweetness.

nama hotate (@$4.80++)
scallops, closer view

Next up, aburi salmon. The fish portion was not as large as first thought.

aburi salmon (@5.80++)
aburi salmon, closer view

Oooh, had ohtoro too. This was yums. None of those irritating tendon/ligament. Quite a feat trying to stuff the entire goodness into the mouth at one go. Hahaa! Oily, and yummy.

ohtoro (@$6.80++)
ohtoro, up close and personal

Friend ordered the avocado ebi. Liked the fresh translucent prawn.

avocado ebi

Had the daimyo anago as well. This piece of eel takes centerstage as the largest piece for a sushi.

daimyo anago

No yellowtail? Of course, must have! But made the mistake of having it, after the ohtoro. Not the best sequencing. Keke, perhaps next time, I'd do all the rest and then, leave ohtoro to be the finale.


Ordered the cheese tamago too. Served piping hot, so do exercise caution when eating.

cheese tamago (@$5.80++)
not much cheese detected

All meat and no vege? Fret not, here comes the salmon salad. It's quite a big portion.

salmon salad

Had the kakigoori ichigo milk aka the strawberry milk ice-kachang without any 'liao' (料). This dessert was purely shaved ice drizzled with strawberry syrup and milk. Quite nice, and it's like bandung (local rose syrup drink).

kakigoori ichigo milk

Spent slightly less than $45, for two pax.


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