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[Tasting] TEN Sushi by Marusaya ( TEN Sushi & Bar ) @ 60 Robertson Quay ( The Quayside )

TEN Sushi by Marusaya (or also known as TEN Sushi & Bar) is located at Quayside, Singapore’s most sophisticated riverfront restaurant and bar community. Was invited for a tasting on a Friday night, and boy, it was buzzing! Hence, do make your reservations early.

restaurant's signage

Sushi food model on display (食品サンプル)
browsing the menu

Liked that the restaurant made it super easy to order for the first-timers. For example, there is a huge placard introducing the bestsellers, and on first page of the menu, are its signature dishes.

TEN Sushi is a casual sushi restaurant by Marusaya specialising in premium sushi with majority of its ingredients flown in from Japan. Helmed by Chef Hirai, TEN Sushi offers quality sushi and contemporary Japanese cuisine. Marusaya in turn, is a specialist in natural dashi based cuisine.

iced green tea 冷たいお茶

We began our meal with fresh oysters from Sakoshi Bay, Hyogo. Thick, fleshy, briny and creamy. Satisfaction guaranteed! These oysters were presented beautifully and came with toppings of either ikura or tobiko. Either way, the oysters were already good to be eaten on its own. The addition of tobiko gave it some crunchiness to contrast against the soft flesh, while ikura added continuous bursts of umami! A glass of wine/sake will complete the picture.

Japanese Oysters @$28++/$49++ for 6/12 pieces respectively

Sakoshi Bay Oyster 坂越湾牡蠣

The oyster fan in me was feeling satisfied after slurping up two of these good sized Sakoshi Bay oysters.

Next up, was the unagi roll. One could order the small roll (4 pieces) or the regular (8 pieces). The eel roll was lightly glazed over with a special teriyaki sauce.

Unagi (Eel) Roll ウナギ巻き寿司@$18++/$32++ for 4/8 pieces

The unagi sushi is actually a pretty big piece, hence each person could do two pieces to allow some space to try other sushi. The unagi was soft and tender with some savoury sweetness from the teriyaki glaze. Sushi rice was nicely vinegared.

closed up view of a piece of unagi makisushi

Another bestseller at TEN Sushi is the TEN Assorted Sashimi Deluxe. The sashimi set comprises of maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), hotate (scallop), ika (squid), amaebi (sweet prawns) and seasonal fish (2 kinds).

TEN Assorted Sashimi Deluxe @$58++

For the tasting, there were a few upgrades in the sashimi and we got some sea urchin and instead of a 5 pieces of sweet prawns, there was one large one (botan ebi?) in its stead. I only had the chance to try the some of the sea urchin, scallops, hamachi, salmon and squid. The tuna belly was snapped up pretty quickly.

For the meat lovers, you'll enjoy the A4 Wagyu Aburi Sushi. The raw slices of the wagyu looked enticing enough but we exercised patience as the beef needed to be seared, then glazed before we could indulge.

before the sear
searing in progress
A4 Wagyu Aburi Sushi @$18++/$44++ (2/5 pieces)

Thought that the small mound of rice underneath the seared beef slice looked kinda cute. The beef was of a nice chew and had a good oily mouthfeel. While not melt-in-your-mouth, the flavour was good and mild. Enjoyable.


For more makisushi, there's Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll. Seared salmon layered ontop of sushi rice, with a piece of chunky creamy avocado, and topped with sliced onions, some green onions and tobiko. Mayo at the side.

Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll @$20++ for 8 pieces
with sauce
let's eat!

If you're feeling adventurous, one could also leave it to the expert hands of Chef Hirai for the Omakase Sushi platter. There's a 12-piece sushi omakase as well as Sushi Box for 12 or 24 pieces.

Omakase Sushi (12 pieces) @$49++
uni sushi, ebi sushi
tuna belly, kanpachi with spicy yuzu
salmon, tako and unagi

The sushi box was beautiful. Nicely arranged and easy to take photo! I can see that there's uni, toro, hotate, kanpachi/hamachi, squid, octopus, salmon, tuna, ebi and unagi and negitoro maki in the box.

Sushi Box (12 pieces) @$49++
Sushi Box (24 pieces) @$98++

To end, I'd recommend the Dashi Miso Soup. Well balanced savoury miso soup with mild sweetness. So comforting!

Dashi Miso Soup @$4++

I had a good meal at TEN Sushi. Thank you Jennifer for the invite and TEN Sushi for hosting the dinner. Thank you Mr Ueda and Mr Takuya for introducing TEN Sushi and to share with us more about the food. Special thanks to Chef Hirai who prepared the food for us that day.

Remember to make your reservations to avoid disappointment. Happy eating!

TEN Sushi by Marusaya

Address: 60 Robertson Quay, #01- 09, Singapore 238252
Contact: 6735 0383
Business Hours:
Daily: 5pm to 3am


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