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[Tasting] Roots Mediterranean @ 2 Greenwood Avenue

Roots is a restaurant that specialises in wholesome, authentic and delectable Mediterranean fare. One could find a combination of Italian, Spanish, Greek and Levantine cuisine creations. Levantine cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the Levant, known in Arabic as the Bilad al-Sham and Mashriq, which covers a large area of the Eastern Mediterranean. Perhaps you are familiar with mezze such as tabbouleh, hummus and baba ghanoush? Indeed.

Was invited by Jennifer for a tasting at Roots, located at the space formerly occupied by Donna Carmela Italian Restaurant at Greenwood Avenue.

wine selection

To start, we have a plethora of tapas, mezze and antipasti. We were served with foccacia, hummus, tzatziki, tirokafteri and melinzano salata. The melinzano salata was instantly distinct with its ultra smokiness, and textures of the diced eggplants with lemon and EVOO.

Melinzano Salata (bottom left) and Tirokafteri (top right) @$8 each

First time having tirokafteri and immediately, one would recognize the flavours of yoghurt, cheese and a slow spicy kick of the chili. This became a favourite as with the refreshing tzatziki.

Hummus @$8

Next, we enjoyed some Spanish tapas. Croquettas, Tortillas De Papas Y Queso Fundido, Gambas Ajillo and Octopus Gallego. The croquettes were breaded and fried to a golden crisp. Inside was soft with ham & cheese. Mild flavours and good on its own without having to dip on any other thing. The Spanish omelette was also lightly seasoned and loved the warm egg but not so of the chunky potatoes.

Ham and Cheese Croquettes @ $ 8
Potato Tortillas And Melted Cheese @ $ 8
Garlic Prawns @ $ 15
Galician Octopus @ $ 18

The gambas is of a healthier version (not oily) and the tomato sauce was really good with the bread. Prawns were cooked lightly and texture was bouncy yet not overly firm. The octopus was tender yet retained a firm chew.

The tapas was enjoyed with a glass of sangria. If you prefer wine, the good news is that Roots offers reasonably priced bottles. Starting from $29 to $59 per bottle.

Sangria @$12 (HH)
Italian wines

The last starter was of Italian origin; the Gratinated Mussels. Mussels topped with breadcrumbs, well seasoned and baked. The mussels flesh was thin and was interesting when combined with the baked breadcrumbs. Super love the tasty intense cherry tomatoes.

Gratinated Mussels @$18
closer view

For main courses, one could try the currently trendy pizza integlia alla romana, which is a rectangular shaped pizza which looked like bread due to its 48 hours long fermentation that resulted in a thicker yet airy dough. Prices start from $18 for a 25cm pizza, $26 for 50cm and $50 for 1m.

one metre pizza @$50

I liked the pineapple pizza which is a Red pizza with tomato base sauce, mozarella cheese, turkey ham and chunky sweet pineapples. Tasty with juicy pineapple chunks.

Pineapple Pizza

And of course, we wouldn't miss the chance to try their pasta and risotto. The bolognese was comforting and with a balanced taste.

Tagliatelle Bolognese @$20
Tagliatelle "It's Not Alfredo!" @$26

I preferred the simple "It's Not Alfredo!" (*chuckled* at the name), served with the 24 month aged
Parmigiano Reggiano emulsioned cream. Smooth strands of noodles (reminiscent of mee pok) and cheese flecks/cream that melted away.

lovely strands
Good risotto was found in the form of Risotto Porcini Mushrooms. Earthy flavours, creamy and strongly seasoned. These delightful grains are recommended for sharing.

Risotto Porcini Mushroom @$24

If you want lasagne but do not want the pasta, there's Moussaka. Potatoes, layered with eggplants, minced meat and bechamel sauce and baked.

Moussaka @$20

For those that have another stomach for dessert, read on. We tried the Rootless Dessert Platter, a three-tiered dessert platter meant for 2 pax. There's mini desserts of tiramisu, creama catalana, sorbet tarts, fruits, walnuts, raspberry cheesecakes, double chocolate opera cake, honey and truffle and candied apricots.

Rootless Dessert Platter for 2 @$32
Tiramisu (back) and Honey Truffle (front)
Raspberry Cheesecake
Mango Sorbet Tart (right)

Roots Mediterranean also offers reasonably priced Weekend Brunch on every Sunday from 11am to 4pm where adults pay just $49.90+ (soft drinks included) or $69.90+ (house wines) for unlimited portions of selected pastas, salads, pizza, meats and fish and more. Do enquire with the restaurant for more details.

Thank you Jennifer for the invite and Roots Mediterranean for hosting the tasting. Special thanks to the service crew who took care of us and ever ready to banter with a smile.

restaurant entrance

Roots Mediterranean

Address: 2 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore (289189)
Contact: 6463 4206
Reservation: Hungrygowhere
Business Hours:
Mon-Thu: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5-10:30pm
Fri-Sun: 11:30am-10:30pm


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