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[Tasting] The Gong by Drinks & Co. @ Duo Galleria

Within a few minutes walk from Downtown MRT Station, The Gong by Drinks & Co. is one destination where you could get good food (and drinks) at reasonable price. The menu has a range that spans from charchuterie, salads, bar bites to mains from the grill, Western styled and right up to Asian favourites. Was invited for a tasting and let's see how's the experience, shall we?

welcome to The Gong

I arrived right in time for starters. For drinks, I had their housepour red of Cabernet Sauvignon. Cocktails, beer and non-alcoholic beverages are available too.

Gong Salt and Pepper Squid @$17
Florets of Cauliflower @$14
Crispy Chicken Karaage @$18

From the photos, you'd probably realised that I was late to the party! Hahaha, true to that. Nevertheless, I particularly enjoyed the cauliflower which had burnt cauliflowers florets tossed in pesto sauce and garnished with radish, grapes and mint leaves. Tasty!

Now, let me have a sip of the wine.

cheers for surviving through the week

Was I hungry? Yes! So let's bring on the mains. For the meatatarian, there's the Mixed Meat Platter. It's one of The Gong's Signature Board, and there's satay (chicken, beef), New Zealand lamb rack (grab this!), grilled Australian beef and two types of pork sausages. These were served with a side of mesclun, olives, a dollop of grain mustard and a small bowl of mint yoghurt sauce.

Mixed Meat Platter @$56
Australian Beef
lovely lamb rack

The lamb rack was tender, evenly cooked and pink. Non-gamey and so good to eat. Sauce was not necessary.

Then, out came the pizza. We tried the local-inspired Zul's Satay Pizza and the western-styled Assorted Mushroom Pizza. I liked both, actually. The satay flavours were on point when eaten together with the cucumber cubes and raw onions. The Assorted Mushroom Pizza were earthy, aromatic and had a certain finesse to it.

Zul's Satay Pizza @$24
Assorted Mushroom Pizza @$26

If pizzas still had yet to satisfy your hunger, then there's fried rice and hokkien mee. Ooh, I was so eager to try The Gong's version of hokkien mee. The verdict? Pretty good for both but I do like the Hokkien Mee more. The fried rice was really generous with the crab meat, and the tobiko not only added colour to the dish, the tiny crunchy roe made the texture more interesting.

A mouthful of the noodles that had been simmered in flavourful stock was simply comforting. The pork slices, julienned chives, fried eggs in the mix plus a dab of the sambal completes the picture. The spice was not overpowering so it supported the overall flavours of the hokkien mee. Then, finish off with a sip of smooth red.

Crab Claw Meat Fried Rice with Tobiko @$14
Hokkien Mee @$14

Have I told you that The Gong does a pretty neat job for its duck and pork too? Oh, I didn't? That won't do. Let's have a look at the Barbeque Smoked Duck Breast and Iberico Pork. The duck breast looked amazingly pink, with tender meat and balanced taste. The baby corns were good too.

Barbeque Smoked Duck Breast @$24
Iberico Pork @$24

For the Iberico Pork, pile those eggplant puree onto a slice of pork and top it with a pickled onion. Pop this into the mouth and be amazed with the flavours. Like how they'd say it, fireworks. Sharp, tangy, sweet, smokey and savoury.

And of course, we rounded up our meal with dessert; chocolate lava cake and tiramisu. Both classics.

Chocolate Lava Cake @$13
Tiramisu @$14

The Gong is a lovely place for a meal and after work drinks. Spacious, and unpretentious. Hearty food and ample selection of drinks. Pretty accessible as it is just minutes away from Downtown MRT Station.

Happy Hour

Thank you Kris for the invite and Amanda for introducing us to the delicious food of The Gong by Drinks & Co. Thank you Jason and the service crew for taking care of our table and Head Chef Wan for the good meal.

The Gong by Drinks & Co

Address: 7 Fraser St, #01-59/60 Duo Galleria, Singapore 189356
Contact: 9619 4568
Business Hours:
Daily 11am to 12am


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