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[Tasting] New Menu @ 51Soho Telok Ayer

Am a huge fan of their Lobster Stew Rice (read about it here) and when I heard about the upcoming change in menu, was excited to try out the new items and it was a relief that the Boston Lobster Grains Risotto (@$38++) is still available!

new menu
of grains and stews

For the new menu, the focus is on hearty and comforting dishes. Think wholesome grains, stews and pasta. The restaurant's staple of meat skewers remains on the menu with newer items added to the skewers selection. 

Are you hungry yet? I am, so let's eat!

freshly shucked French oysters @$2++ per piece (promo)

Started with French oysters for just $2 a piece. Ahh, that's because there is a promotion for these tasty mollusks. Usual price would be $30 for half a dozen. Oh, excuse me while I devour a few more of these.

This time round, we finally tried the Prosperity Cup, that came complete with its signature edible 'money'.

51Soho Specials - Prosperity Cup @$88++ for 9 cups, $100++ for 12 cups

Next up, usually one would get the skewers or 串串 (chuan chuan in Chinese). The skewers were done up in house marination and coated with addictive spice dust. 

Skewers (price ranging from $1.50++ to $5.50++, depending on type)

We tried chicken skin, pork rectum (?), mantou (?), chicken meat and pork belly. Ok, I ate the chicken skin without having a photo of it, but it was a really skinny stick with the skin done up ultra crispy. Addictive indeed.

The pork rectum sounded like a fear factor item but it tasted just like intestine. Not as crunchy as the chicken skin as it retained a slight chewiness similar to intestine. Nice.

I didn't know fried mantou could be a skewer item! Interesting. It was quite likeable, in fact. But I think my brain had been wired to the need of a dipping sauce for fried mantou.

mantou (held up), with chicken skin directly underneath it and the rectum skewer on the right (top)
Enoki Mushrooms @$5++

Let's try something brand new in the menu for the next appetiser dish. Did you know that you could get Beef Bone Marrow for just $12 at 51Soho? Presentation of the dish was on point and dig out a good chunk of that creamy, rich marrow, spread it onto the bread. Take a bite and tell me if that doesn't impresses you.

Beef Bone Marrow @$12++
marrow awaiting

All of us were impressed by the value of the dish and the amazing bread that was paired with it. So yummy.

amazing bread

One more appetiser before we move on to the mains. This plate is strongly flavoured with the base of creamy sesame dressing. Soy marinated lava egg, asparagus, crispy silver fish toppings and sweet pea forms up this delicious plate. I liked and will gladly eat all my vegetables if it was like this plate!

Grilled Romaine Lettuce and Vegetables @$14++

At this juncture, don't you feel kind of thirsty? Let's get some more drinks! We got the namesake drink - 51Soho. Of plum wines, rose and lychee. My favourite, actually. Sweet and such a nice scent by using the lychee.

51Soho @$88++ for 9 cups, and $100++ for 12 cups
pouring me a cup, again

Let's get some more food into our bellies, shall we?

what's smoking?
Classic French Chicken Cassoulet @$24++

First time having the Classic French Chicken Cassoulet. According to Wiki, it is a rich, slow-cooked casserole containing meat and white beans (haricots blancs). The chicken (two large pieces and nicely browned) inside this casserole has soaked up all the good flavours and it was so delightfully tender! Wished there was more chicken meat though. The sauce was so so good. Hearty meal indeed. One gets very full from eating all that beans!

Chicken and Mushroom Stew @$18++

The Chicken and Mushroom Stew was really interesting with its flavour that I thought was pretty familiar much like the chicken and mushroom broth that we make at home to cook flavoured porridge with. 

This was of a lighter flavour as compared to the cassoulet and had lots of grains in it such as the black rice, oat groats , barley, carrot, button mushrooms and kale. Again, lots of grains to munch on and it is a filling dish. I can imagine myself having this if am feeling under the weather or just to get comforted by the homely flavours.

let's get pasta

We got an Italian Carbonara to try. This one is without cream. Took a few bites and wow, this one's a heavyweight in terms of punchy flavours! The noodles texture was on-point.  If you love cheeses, then this carbonara is for you. I won't be able to finish this plate on my own as the flavours from the cheeses were really strong.

Italian Carbonara @$17++

Stronger flavours requires a stronger drink. What's better than a "Dancing in the Moonlight"?

51Soho Specials - Dancing in the Moonlight @$88++ for 12 cups and $120++ for 24 cups

Took a whiff and whoa, this one's a strong drink! Looked harmless with a bit of white fungus swimming at its surface of golden yellow hue. Reminds me of chrysanthemum which it was not.

Introducing Jiangxiaobai (白酒) - Joyouth 

The liqour is concocted with baijiu from the Jiang Distillery. The Joyouth (from 40% collection) is used here. This is an award winning chinese wine in 2017.

One was supposed to down it in one shot but I was too chicken. Took a sip and boy, it was strong! The throat would still be feeling some heat from the pathway the liquor took while travelling smoothly down. 40% alcohol yo, so drink responsibly!

Ok, now we are ready for desserts. Something cold, yes? A plate of greens was placed infront of us. Uhm, we didn't ask for salad again, did we?

Apple, Cucumber and Yoghurt @$10++
another angle

It was love at first bite. Ahhh, such refreshing flavour! Choya marinated cucumber and apple (pickled with plum wine? ooohhh), cucumber granita, and that deliciously light and wobbly greek yoghurt panna cotta, and topped with crumble. We attacked this dish relentlessly till not a drop of crumb was left. It was that good. Try it for yourself.

For pretty looking dessert, there's the Strawberry and Balsamico plated dessert. The vanilla ice-cream was really good and topped with a layer of salted cheese blanket (ya, like those bubble tea...).

Strawberry and Balsamico @$10++

51Soho is about 3 minutes walk from Telok Ayer MRT station, hence if you are around the vicinity, do drop by to try some of their foods.

For spending above $60, you could redeem a pasta or grain stew free of charge. And this redemption could be for the same day use as well.

voucher with every $60 spent

Thank you Kris for the invite and Chef Eugene, 51Soho for your generous hospitality. Kudos to the kitchen team for the delicious meal.

Dinner with Ivan, Tiara and Kris.

beautiful space

51 Soho

Address: 51 Telok Ayer St, #01-01, Singapore 048441
Contact: 9755 1058
Business Hours:
Mon to Fri:   8am to 11pm
Sat:            10am to 11pm
Sun:           10am to 10pm


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