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Lunch @ Beast & Butterflies M Social Singapore

Beast & Butterflies is a fusion dining restaurant located at M Social Singapore. Didn't realize that it was within walking distance from Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. If you are a guest at GCW and would like to explore M Social, exit via Food Capital / Grissini and walk over the bridge. You'll be at M Social within 5 minutes.

If taking a cab, the taxi uncle might bring you to M Hotel instead, which is also nearby but is not the destination that I was headed to.

Beast & Butterflies @ M Social Singapore (view when coming from GCW)
nice artwork at the lobby carpark
I came from this direction instead

The restaurant is spacious and has a bar vibe due to the dark interior and lava lamps.Walk further in and past the bar counter and that section is bright from the natural light outside.

cosy ambiance
bar counter
pool table
alfresco dining
daily bar bites

Patrons in larger groups would be pleased that Beast & Butterflies has plenty of space for a comfortable dining experience.

nice menu cover
reasonably priced for a set lunch

Set lunch makes sense because of the value it presents. You can view the menu from the hotel's website.

orange juice (@$8++ ala-carte order)

We ordered the set lunches and added some more dishes to share.

First was the Salmon and Alaskan Crab Salad with wasabi dressing. It has alot of components in it such as the salmon, ikura, crab, romaine lettuce, avocado, baby spinach and shredded nori.

Salmon and Alaskan Crab Salad @$28++ (ala-carte order)
fresh lettuce tossed in wasabi dressing

The salad portion was good for 4 to 5 pax as starter. Next up, we had the Crab Patties and Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn Chicken. Both can be ordered via the Set Lunch menu.

Crab Patties @$14++
Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn Chicken @$12++

The crab patties were infused with tom yum flavour and it was tasty with a strong hint of lemongrass. Loved the dip that came with it too. The popcorn chicken was leaning a bit to the sweeter side of things and it'd make a good snack with some alcohol.

Fragrant Mala Fried Rice @$16++ (ordered as part of the set lunch)
Hokkien Noodles @$16++ (ordered as part of the lunch set)

Between the Mala Fried Rice and the Hokkien Noodles, just go for the Hokkien Noodles.The Hokkien Noodles came loaded with pork lard, flavoursome broth and to sum it up, it was a big comfort in a small claypot.

However, if you have $5 extra to spare, I'd recommend to top-up the lunch set and get the Crispy Pork Knuckles (half).

Crispy Pork Knuckles @$26++/$36++ (half/full)

The crackling was good till the last bite. So crunchy! The meat had a combination of lean and fatty, but go for some fats because those are the best parts. For the lean, I'd like to dip it with the appetising namjin sauce.

For dessert, we had the yam brulee. Think a modernised orh nee. Surprisingly, the sweetness level was just right even with all the torched sugar on top. The taste of the yam was prominent.

Yam Brulee @$12++ (as part of the lunch set)

Loved the coconut ice-cream that came with it too.

yummy coconut ice-cream

Lastly, we finished with coffee. My cup of coffee came complete with printed art on top of the milk foam. I heard that one could request for customised version, provided you bring along the photo of the image that you'd want to print. Do enquire from the staff for the availability of this service.

awww, there's a cute doggie on my cup of coffee

Thank you Gilbert and JC for the invite and Fiona, Beast & Butterflies for hosting the lunch.

Beast & Butterflies

Address: M Social Singapore 90 Robertson Quay Singapore 238259
Contact: +65 6657 0018


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