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[Tasting] 25 Degrees Burgers and Liquor Bar

Was invited to 25 Degrees Burgers and Liquor Bar recently. While I had been a customer at Ginett (am always lured by the concept of reasonably priced good wine with good food) prior, this was the first time am setting foot at this restaurant just next door to Ginett! Thanks to Jasmine for the invitation.

come on in

The Ambiance

25 Degrees possesses an old Hollywood charm in a casual setting. High ceilings, dark interior and classy American decor.

The Staff

The service staff at 25 Degrees are friendly and ever ready with a response to our queries. 

The Food

We heard that Cheesy Mac Attack is Back! This burger is not on 25 Degrees regular menu but was an earlier favourite, and was brought back due to customers' demand. How cool is that? Thanks to these loyal customers, we got to try this highly popular burger, once more.

Cheesy Mac Attack @$18

Oho, it was actually the perennial favourite of mac & cheese, battered and deep fried to golden brown to form the 'bun' to the burger. I see! Crispy, cheesy and beefy. We had all our burger patties done medium and it was flavourful and with some moisture retained. How does caramelized onions, bacon, nacho cheese, swiss cheese and thousand island sounds to you? If that doesn't scream creamy and  flavours, I don't know what will!

Best part? All of those and that little side of pickled gherkin, tomato slices and lettuce are priced at $18++.


I loved the Cheesy Mac Attack and can understand why many others do too. Crispy exterior with that familiar cheesy yums of mac and cheese inside the fried 'buns', smothered with thousand island and more melty cheeses along with the flavourful handmade beef patty, it was like having two favourites of mac and cheese and burger all at once!

happy hour, means need happy juice

For the kiddos, how about some milkshake to shake the blues away? We got one from the Classic selection and another that is more adventurous in nature. The Chipster is a vanilla based milkshake topped with potato chips. Think salty sweet mix. It tasted as it is. Milkshake and potato chips. Was happy that the milkshake here were not overly sweet and really enjoyable, if we do not have to care about the calories it packs...

Classic Chocolate Milkshake @$12++
The Chipster Shake @$16++

For some of us, we chose beer to wash down our burgers. One could get beer on tap (Kronenbourg Blanc or Calsberg) or bottled craft beers.

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc @$16++ (1 pint)
Bevy of beauties @$16++ each

pour me some

Let's get some sides while we are at it. As the burgers does not come with any french fries, one could order a side of filthy/truffle/french or curly fries. We had the filthy fries that was topped with bacon gravy, caramelized onions and cheese.

Filthy Fries @$6++

25 Degrees Wings @$8++

The 25 Degrees Wings were interesting as it came topped with curly fries and had a coating of spicy homemade sauce that tasted like, some say sambal? Only mid-wings were used and these little wings were moist and flavourful. Seasoned pretty good.

The must order for the sides would be the onion rings. mMmmm, so good! The batter was good, the size of the onion rings were huge and outer was crispy while the inner was moist and sweet. Strongly recommended.

onion rings @$5++

so big!

Let's try some more burgers. We heard that Number One, and Number Three are the current crowd favourites while the new kid on the block was the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger. The burgers are priced at $14++ and one could opt to switch for gluten free buns at additional cost of $2++. We just got ours with regular buns.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger @$14++

The buttermilk fried chicken thigh was well fried and tasty but it turned soggy with the slather of spicy miso BBQ sauce. Decent but I preferred the beef patty burgers instead.

Let's bring out the beef burgers, shall we?

Contender Number Three would be the jalapenos, chipotle with the mezzo secco jack cheese versus the reigning champion, Contender Number One with its arsenal of caramelised onions, artisanal cheeses of cresenza, prelibato and gorgonzola, topped with bacon and the pepperish bitterish arugula and smacked with thousand island sauce.

Number Three (beef patty, roasted tomatoes, mezzo secco jack, jalapenos, chipotle, avocado)
Number Three unveiled
Number One

Much as I liked Number Three for its attempt at spicy smoky, Number One wins hands down! The combination of all its cheeses and that arugula with delicious beef patty, meant its overall tasty flavours were much more prominent and seriously good to munch on this one. Yums!

irresistible Number One

After all the good times, the one that I will miss the most, is still you; Cheesy Mac Attack. Hurry and get your hands on one before 31 August 2019!

Cheesy Mac Attack

Trivia (Value for $$ Alert!)

Did you know that 25 Degrees Burgers and Liquor Bar has a local breakfast set of kaya toast, poached eggs and free-flow brewed coffee for just $2.50 in the morning? Wah, I'd have to admit that's pretty good value!  It's even cheaper than the set offered at my workplace canteen and that's without the free-flow coffee, yo.

Once again, thank you Jasmine, R&B Lab and Hotel G for the invite and 25 Degrees Burgers and Liquor Bar for hosting the tasting.

Dinner with Kris (@msginginly), Alvin (@o_oican), Shermaine (@littletinysun), and Hence & Tracy (@chubbybotakkoala).

25 Degrees Burgers and Liquor Bar

Address: 200 Middle Rd, Hotel G - Singapore, Singapore 188980
Business hours:
Daily 7am to 3am


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