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[Media Invite] Joyous Spring Reunion @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront

With Lunar New Year just round the corner, are we ready for it? Who still does the cooking for the reunion dinner? Let's see a show of hands. Perhaps most still do, and likely steamboat would be the preferred style. If you are considering of eating out, let's see what Grand Copthorne Waterfront's Food Capital has in mind for their diners.

Spring is here!

Was invited for a preview of Food Capital's Lunar New Year buffet spread. Helmed by Executive Chef David Toh, he and his team will be presenting a heartwarming feast for diners to enjoy during this festive season.

Besides the popular items such as seafood on ice, tempura and sashimi, one could enjoy special CNY dishes such as bountiful treasures pen cai, fish maw and seafood soup, braised fatt choy, dried oysters, lotus roots and chinese mushrooms, stewed pork trotters, drunken herbal prawns, signature char siew marinated whole baby lamb, and crystal tang yuan amongst others.

For an auspicious start, let's begin with a prosperity and fun toss of Fa Cai Yu Sheng 发财鱼生 . As 2019 is the Year of the Boar, the yusheng was in this likeness, albeit a cute version of it. One could choose to add on as à la carte order while dining at Food Capital or enjoy it as a takeaway.

Fa Cai Yu Sheng 发财鱼生
huat ah~

As the saying goes, if you manage to 'kiap' slices of raw fish from the plate, it means you'd be lucky for the rest of the year. To ensure our continuous good fortune, there is nothing to stop us from topping up the yusheng plate with more salmon from the sashimi counter. Yay to buffet!

yusheng 鱼生
seafood on ice

For something hot to warm the tummy, do try the fish maw and seafood soup. Flavourful, silky smooth and with shreds of dried scallops and crab meat in it. Yums!

Fish Maw and Seafood Soup
silky, umami

For fans of the popular baked oysters, it is available for the buffet for this Lunar New Year. From our past experience, this is one of the popular item where the oysters get taken very very quickly and there is a wait time for the next batch.

baked oysters
Prosperity Crispy Whole Seabass with Sweet and Sour Sauce

The char siew marinated whole baby lamb was interesting. The meat texture was almost like a chewier, firmer version of kurobuta collar.

signature char siew marinated whole baby lamb
roasted meat; signature char siew marinated baby lamb, roast pork, roast chicken

Also look out for delicious treats from the starters line-up, where one could get Japanese baby squid that has great light crunchy texture.

has abalone texture with sesame dressing

Also tried the mala crawfish and drunken herbal prawns. The mala was pretty spicy and I adore the herbal broth of the prawns.

The highlight of the night would have to be the impressive bountiful treasures pen cai. Everyone went ooohs and aahhhs when the pen cai in the 1m wok was brought in. Its layer consist of 娃娃菜 (wawa cai), mushrooms, braised dried oysters, dried scallops working its way upwards with sea cucumber, beancurd skin, roasted duck, roasted pork, roasted chicken, abalone, big head prawns and fa cai (black moss). The pen cai will be available for the Lunar New Year buffet at Food Capital, albeit with some modifications in the presentation for buffet line.

盆菜 (pen cai)

Leave some stomach space for the dessert as Chef David has a few surprises for us. My favourites are the sweet citrus fruit jelly in the shape of a fish, and the crystal tang yuan. Have the cold dessert first then the hot ones.

Here's a glimpse of the dessert spread:

refreshingly sweet citrus jelly

so pretty
crystal tang yuan 水晶汤圆

The crystal dumpling was rather mesmerizing to look at. It has the ginger base soup served warm and the insides of the dumpling could be sweet potato (purple dumpling), and black sesame (yellow dumpling).

It was a full-filling dinner, and great to have celebrated an early Lunar New Year with friends at Grand Copthorne Waterfront.

Thank you Gilbert for the invite, team Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore for hosting the event and Chef David Toh and team for the abundance of good food.

Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year 猪年大吉!

Food Capital

Location: Grand Copthorne Waterfront, 392 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663
Contact: 6233 1100


Early Bird Discount for Lunar New Year Eve
Reunion Buffet Dinner and Fa Cai Yu Sheng Takeaway
30% discount (Reserve by 20 January 2019)
20% discount (Reserve by 3 February 2019)

28 January to 20 February 2019

Lunar New Year Festive Buffet Lunch

Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday
Adult: $66++ Adult: $66.60++

Lunar New Year Festive Buffet Dinner

(excluding 4 February 2019)
Monday to Sunday
Adult: $88++
4 February 2019

Lunar New Year Eve Reunion Buffet Dinner

Adult: $98++/ $138++ (includes free flow of
bubbly, house wines, soft drinks and juices)

Note: please refer to hotel's website for latest updates

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