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[Japanese Arcade] That Happy Feeling at Ton Amusement トン・アミューズメント Orchard Central

Caught the arcade gaming bug recently (specifically the claw machines) ever since my first catch in Taiwan. Few months back, had the chance to try some of the Japanese game centers in Kyoto and Tokyo. The game centers in Tokyo were really lively because once someone has won something (usually the bigger prizes), the staff would make it known to all by clanging on tambourines or blowing a horn, and shouting congratulatory messages. It felt pretty joyous and exciting! In Japan, I had some mini successes in catching snacks like KitKat via the UFO catchers.

By chance, came across Ton Amusement website and read that it provides similar gaming experience like in Japan. Plus, the toys are also similar to the ones in Japan. Oh, in that case, I do need to give it a try!

Ton Amusement is located at Level 5 of Orchard Central.

to catch a plushie or a figurine or both?

big plushies

At first glance, it is still very much smaller than those in Japan. However, I liked that Ton Amusement have interesting toys to be won and a good variety of games like tripod, claw/crane machines and UFO catchers (single prong and two prongs). One of the issues I faced in Japan, was not to try any of those with big items because I'd have a problem on how to lug those back home. Since Ton Amusement is in Singapore, there's no such concern anymore, yay!

do you want to take these kitties home?
large sized Pooh

Watch out for seasonal items such as Grinch or Jack Skellington plushies who made their appearances during Christmas.

Grinch (Christmas item)

For fans of figurines, there are plenty here.

One Piece - Shiny Venus (Boa Hancock and Nefertari Vivi)
such details
One Piece - Marco

To play, one could change money into tokens. Most machines are 3 tokens per play and there are some with 4 token per play. That works out to about $1.50 per play minimally.

Or, you could get the member card (without package is $10 with no value) and first top-up of $20 is required. They have member-tier as well with discounts from 5% off per play to maximum of 10% off per play for the highest tier. Membership card starts from aoi (blue) $200 top-up, midori (green) at $500 top-up and black at $1000 top-up.

tap to play
Once you have exchanged your tokens or utilizing the member card, all you need to do is to choose a machine that you'd like to play or which prize you'd like to bring home. If I think the toy/prize might worth say $25, and if am able to catch it within 12 tries, then to me, that's a good play. I'm a noob so I'd be happy if can catch it actually. But yeah, will try to improve on the next plays. Which I think is still possible for UFO catchers since it has a skill component to it.

For my first catch at Ton Amusement, it was a Jack Skellington plushie via the UFO catcher machine. Took me about 15 tries to get it. Staff was rather nice to give me tips on the best position of the claw to start. Then after about the 10th failed attempt, he came over to position the toy to decrease the difficulty level and eventually, I got the plushie after a few more attempts. That was a similar to my experience in Taito Station Ikebukuro where the staff genuinely wants their customer to go home happy.

I like the one on the right
so cute x 2~

On second visit to Ton Amusement, it was evident that I was terrible at the tripod games! Neither was I any better at the game where one got to move the single prong of the UFO catcher to hook the top of the box where there's a hole to slowly hook and drag it to the drop point.

am no good at this type

Here's a short video on the Ton Amusement experience.

Was I able to win anything? Yes, eventually. On that day of visit, the most number of tries went to the UFO catcher machine with the Harry Potter/Newt Scamander QPosket prize. But was it fun? Definitely!

spent the most tries to プライズ 

Perseverance is key and it is always good to have an estimation of a prize's worth prior to starting the game. There will be moments of 'almost there' only to have the prongs hitting the pole and an obvious grumble about a wasted chance.

Quite handsome

Sometimes, you might get lucky and able to win a prize using just one or two tries. I got a mini Sumikko via this manner. Probably, it was pay load time?

mini Sumikko

Thus far, have played there twice and both were pleasant experiences. Will be going back to see their newer prizes every now and then.

Meanwhile, have fun!

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