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[Food Tasting] Happy Chinese New Year @ Café Lodge YWCA Fort Canning Lodge

Café Lodge is located in YWCA Fort Canning Lodge which is near Dhoby Ghaut MRT. It is walkable if you head towards Singapore Shopping Centre direction, go past Innotel and turn left and walk past Haw Par Glass Tower. All in all, about 10 minutes leisure walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

Was there to get acquainted with the food offered at Café Lodge, and their Lunar New Year menu. Café Lodge has curated an 8-course “Fortune Menu” and the 9-course "Prosperity Menu" which are priced at $498++ and $698++ respectively, to celebrate the Year of the Boar.

More information below:

Had the good fortune to sample some dishes from the Prosperity Menu. The bowl of Superior Broth with Four Treasures was generously loaded with fish maw, crab meat, conpoy (dried scallops) and chinese mushrooms. Chef Vincent shared with us that the food at Cafe Lodge is cooked with reduced salt concept. Oh my, I could not tell as the broth tasted seriously good with the ingredients' flavours melded well together into a bowl of yummy goodness.

Superior Broth with Four Treasures
look at those maws

When the plate of braised Chinese mushrooms with dried oysters with black moss (fatt choy) was brought out, first impression was "wow...such plump looking mushrooms". The shrooms were tender and easy to eat, with overall light flavours from this plate.

Braised Chinese Mushroom with Dried Oysters, Dried Scallops, Fatt Choy with Spinach
Pumpkin Rice

Loved the crispy fried silverfish garnishing the pumpkin rice as it gave a good contrasting crunch against the soft pumpkin flesh and firm grains.

The dessert in the Prosperity Menu is fried Nian Gao with yam. All handmade by Chef Vincent Lee and his team. Squares of the treat were deep-fried to golden brown. Each bite into those crispy skin was like music to the ears and the yam was light in flavour till it meet the thin layer of the delicious nian gao. This dessert is available for take-away too.

Nian Gao  (年糕)

For reservations:

Tel: +65 6333 0487

There is a promotion of 15% early bird discount for take-away of Lunar New Year Goodies if  you order before 31 Jan 2019. Hurry! 

The order form can be found at YWCA link:


Café Lodge has a daily buffet for lunch and dinner, hence I couldn't resist sampling it's local and Asia's favourite dishes that night such as beef rendang, fried chicken, steamed fish with soy sauce, braised duck that came complete with fragrant yam rice. How cool is that!

Here are some photos of the buffet items:
fruits salad
appetizing vermicelli
fried chicken
stir-fried french beans
beef rendang
braised duck
yam rice
braised egg and tofu

Here is what my plate looked like:

fried chicken, lor bak, steamed fish, braised duck and yam rice, stir-fried green beans
For dessert, there is a small selection of kuehs and hot dessert such as green bean soup or pulut hitam. If you see any kueh kosui on the buffet table, do get some. It was delicious!

must get kueh kosui

In my opinion, Café Lodge serves homely comfort food with a touch of rustic flavours.

The Café is able to seat 180 people and good for large group functions. The profits from the Café will be used to funds YWCA community services for the poor and needy.


Thank you HGW for the invitation, Sharon and Jonathan for hosting the dinner. Special thanks to Chef Vincent Lee and Cafe Lodge for feeding us.

Café Lodge

Address: Level 1, YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, 6 Fort Canning Road 179494 Singapore
Tel: +65 6333 0487

Business Hours:
Daily: 07:00am - 09:00pm


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