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[Food Tasting] Fu Xiang Signatures 福翔特选@ Food Republic Vivocity

Fu Xiang Signatures is best known for its “Award Winning” Curry Chicken. Over at my part of the world, ie. Lot One Choa Chu Kang, there is a Fu Xiang Kitchen and yes, one could get a taste of curry chicken and emperor cream sauce chicken.

Fu Xiang Signatures is currently helmed by the second generation; Edwin and Edric, who strives to keep their parent's tradition alive.

store counter

Fu Xiang Signature Vivocity is located within Food Republic at Level 3, and has its own seating area. No need to jostle with the rest of the food court patrons.

Fu Xiang Signatures dining area
complimentary biscuits
merlion shaped biscuits
I'd go with Fu Xiang Signature's $7 Value Meal which comes with rice, omelette and stir fried cabbage. Loved the tasty stir fried cabbage with dried shrimps, and it was rather shiok to drench the white rice with copious amount of the deliciously thick and rich curry. There's a definite bite in the curry yet it was pleasant.

Curry Chicken Value Meal (新加坡咖喱超值餐) @ $7
rich, thick and comforting curry chicken
chunky chicken thigh, can you resist?

Have you tried the Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken? It is said that this dish is most likely to be confused with salted egg chicken. The sauce has butter and milk and a sprinkling of chili padi. A bit of tangy, a bit spicy and creamy buttery flavour. Eat it while it is hot.

Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken (奶皇鸡)

One of the crowd favourite seemed to be the Chicken Biscuit Curry Rice. Battered with biscuit crumbs and deep fried to a dark brown before being poured with curry.

Chicken Biscuit Curry Rice (饼干咖喱鸡扒饭)

If you are in a group, why not try the Assam Fish Head or the Assam Curry Seafood and a few side dishes. Communal dining taste best when eaten together with loved ones. The seafood curry has  crab, squid and prawns alongside with brinjals, ladies fingers and tomatoes. A few pieces of deep fried beancurd were also added in. The seafood curry can be eaten with fried mantou if you don't fancy rice.

Seafood Curry (good for 3 to 4 pax)
deep fried man tou

For lovers of hash brown, you could satiate your cravings here too. There's also fried baby potatoes if you are looking for a variation of carbs.


fried baby potato

Homemade drinks such as ice-lemon tea and calamansi are available to quench your thirst as well as to put out the fire from the spice (it was rather mild for me, but still could make some sweat).

Thank you Kris for the invite. Special thanks to Elfin and Fu Xiang Signatures for hosting.

Fu Xiang Signatures Vivocity

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk | VivoCity #03-01| Singapore 098585
Business Hours:
Daily: 10am to 10pm


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