Monday, December 3, 2018

[Media Invite] Festive Feasting @ Amara Singapore

Come on down to Amara Singapore at Tanjong Pagar to enjoy the festive feasting during Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Year's eve and New Year's day. Here is a preview of some of the festive highlights from Element.

My usual choice of starter from the buffet would be the cold seafood selection, and mainly oysters. Hence, the 'meatless' carpaccio was rather refreshing. Tomato, watermelon, arrugula, balsamic and cheese make such tasty combo.

Tomato Watermelon Carpaccio

For something to warm the tummy, the Celeriac Veloute Truffle Oil was rather comforting. Yummy much. At the buffet, diners are welcome to add as much or as little truffle oil as one desires.

Celeriac Veloute Truffle Oil
With up to 7 live stations at Element for the festivities, I'd be queuing up for foie gras, prepared ala minute. Lovely, wobbly piece of creamy liver.

pan-seared foie gras with raspberry sauce

If you could take a bit of alcohol in food, don't miss out on the Baby Lobster Miso Yaki. This is one of those fusion dish that I actually liked. Chef added a dash of Chinese Rose Wine (玫瑰露) before the lobster is torched to release the fragrance of the wine. Lovely.

Baby Lobster Miso Yaki (赤かび味噌焼)
with a touch of ikura

The slow-roast turkey with Sze Chuan spicy sauce was interesting. A touch of spice with a sharp edge yet it grows on you, the more we eat. Our dish was  beautifully plated by Chef Jason and it looked like a garden. Am not a fan of turkey meat, hence the sauce was handy to provide a tad of moisture to the otherwise, dryer meat.

Slow Roast Turkey in Spicy Sze Chuan sauce

For dessert, we had a taste of Japanese Cheese Log Cake. Soft and light, with a touch of matcha inside.

Japanese Cheese Log Cake

Thank you Lindy for the invite, Amara Singapore for hosting and special thanks to Chef Charles Goh and his team for sharing with us the highlights of the festive buffet and their culinary journey.

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