Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Habitat by Honestbee

There is a prerequisite before visiting the place. One must download their app. To enter, you will need to open the app and use the 'Bee Pass' which is to scan the QR code to enter and leave the place. Download from Google Play or App Store. Oh ya, bring your cable to charge the phone as well.

nice mural at the entrance
shuttle bus service

Habitat occupies a huge huge space. You could shop for groceries, order food through the app and to pay via the app as well. Recommend to setup the payment method prior to visiting. Another recommendation is to familiarize with the place especially the locations of each of the stall, more so, the stalls that you intend to order from. Primarily because some of the shops are rather 'hidden' and we wouldn't want our food/drink to turn cold by the time wasted in trying to locate the stalls. While orders are sent in automatically, and the app will notify once the order is ready to pick-up, you still need to physically move to that stall to get your order.

watch out for ongoing promos!
aisle be back
nice decor
one of the stalls
promo price @$6.50

Expectantly, it gets busier on weekends. Most arrives in time for brunch and many stayed past 2pm. We visited on a weekend, and it coincided with Masterchef Australia 2018 winner, Sashi Cheliah's appearance at Habitat.

Masterchef Australia 2018 winner, Sashi Cheliah
Ms Anita Kapoor

We ordered quite a bit of stuffs from Habitat.

Lazy Loaf

For doughy, chewy mochi stuffs. We tried a few individual soft rolls and also their tasting platter of their loaves. My favourite from the soft rolls was the Pink Himalayan Salt Butter Roll. Simple and good.

charcoal bolo with cream cheese puree @$2.50, himalayan pink salt butter roll @$2, mochi matcha azuki bun @$3.50
Chocolate Orange Loaf with Echire Butter, Jam, Hokkaido Yotsuba Butter
mini baguette @$3

It was quite lovely to gnaw on the breads with generous spread of the butter. That and good coffee. Best pairing for a lazy weekend.

Hinoki: Kyoto-roasted selections

We were actually seated directly opposite this drinks shop, so I tried two things from Hinoki. Hmm, I liked the White better than the matcha latte. Predominantly because the coffee had a hint of sweetness while the matcha latte was unsweetened.

White @$5.50
Matcha Latte @$6.50

Char: Cantonese Roast

We had eaten at Char @Jalan Besar a few years back. Now at Habitat, we finally tried the soya chicken drumstick noodles and char siew rice.

Soya Chicken Drumstick Noodles @$9.80
Char Siew Rice @$8

While the pricing is not the most impressive, I quite liked the lava egg in this equation. The soy sauce chicken was lovely with the tender, moist meat. Noodles was rather plain and it was in dire need of the spicy chili which tasted of XO sauce. The plump bok choy was also worth mentioning for its burst of juice with each mouthful. Super fresh.

Fish: Tiger Beer battered fish & chips

It was a good idea to have the fish & chips presented in a pizza box. Very easy to take from one place to another.

Poke the batter and witness its crispiness! So crunchy. Loved the accompanying malt vinegar and tartar sauce. The chips were alright too. Haddock had quite the firm flesh.

Haddock @$15.50

Campfire: Josper-grilled sharing plates

We are all for sharing. Truth be told, we were disappointed with the steak. The doneness was a tad over and not much flavour on the meat. Thus far, our experience with Josper-cooked meats were all good.

Australian Rosedale Flap Steak @$22

Seasonal Wild Mushrooms with Pine Nuts @$8

The entree of chicken steak was really good. Would recommend it. Tender, flavourful chicken thigh with specks of char on its skin. Easy to cut, and lovely to taste.

Rosemary and Garlic Chicken Steak @$14

Fresh Seafood

We enjoyed the freshly shucked oysters too. Think it was Canadian oysters if not wrong. Less than $12 per half dozen.


Riz Labo

For dessert, do not miss the fluffy poofy pancakes from Riz Labo Japan. Light, fluffy and not so eggy when compared to Flippers. Served with a dollop of Chantilly, and maple syrup by the side. What amazes me was the super sweet strawberries that day. The only downside was that the bottom of the pancake would stick a little to the paper.

Poofy Pancakes @$14

All in all, it was a fun experience at Habitat. The persimmons were on promo that day and got a box for $8.90. Sweet!

Visited with the foodie gang; Ivan, Hence and Tracy, Kris, Tiara and Shermaine.

Habitat by Honestbee

Address: 34 Boon Leat Terrace, #01-01, Singapore 119866
Business Hours: Daily 8am to 10pm


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