Thursday, September 6, 2018

[Seoul] Yogiyo Chicken 요기요치킨 홍대점

This place was a recommendation from Ivan. Yogiyo Chicken literally means, "Over here chicken"? Funny name. We visited the Hongdae branch as we were staying nearby. This was almost towards the end of our trip where we had inhaled more than our fair share of food. For Korean Fried Chicken, we did the max of 3 chickens in one sitting for 5 pax and though we could do no more.

The foodie in us, decided to up our game and try Yogiyo Chicken to relive the glorious continuation of fried chicken tastings.

crowd at Hongdae

It was really really crowded at Hongdae on a weekend and no surprise there. The chicken place was rather quiet though with only maybe two other tables occupied. The place was in the basement and looked rather dingy.

There were booth seats which looked more like karaoke rooms with low tables and transparent glass sliding doors. We were placed in one and felt rather claustrophobic. Opted for the regular seats in the dining area.


The menu felt greasy and looked quite dilapidated. We ordered 3 chicken; two types of fried chicken and one andong chicken. Think there was a bowl of ramen in the mix somewhere. But this time round, we were down to 4 pax as one of our friend could not join us for dinner.


We received our food after a short wait. The first to arrive was the plate of half-half regular fried chicken and yangyeon fried chicken. The portion here seemed more 'realistic' than Kyochon.

half-and-half  양념 반, 후라이드 반

Hmm, we were more impressed with Kyochon than this version. Next, was the spring onion fried chicken. For this plate, the chicken parts were all buried under a huge heap of julienned spring onions. Spicy (from the onions) and sweet (from the sauce). Lots of mayonnaise too! Flavourful and enjoyable. Sinful too!

green onions fried chicken 파닭

The last chicken was my favourite from Yogiyo Chicken. The Andong Jjimdak or braised Andong chicken. Braised chicken in dark spicy-sweetish sauce. There's a bunch of chewy potato noodles in there too.

Andong jjimdak 안동찜닭

With this finale, I think all of us exceeded our quota for Korean Fried Chicken for that year.

the amused look after all the korean fried chicken

Yogiyo Chicken 요기요치킨 홍대점

AddressB1F 163-12, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Contact: 02-324-9900
Business Hours:
Daily 10:00~03:00 am


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