Monday, September 24, 2018

[Seoul] Sulbing 설빙 雪冰 @ Myeongdong

The visit to Sulbing was because of our failed attempt to visit Namsam Tower. The queue to Namsam that day was just crazy. Mission aborted and for us foodies, we decided to find comfort! Jokes aside, we just wanted a place to rest our feet.


This outlet is on the 2nd floor of the building. Lovely space and lucky us, there was a table available. Place your order at the counter. We had no issue ordering. Make the payment and wait for the buzzer to vibrate.

our orders

For me, I had a strawberry latte and a red bean bun. Loved the drink. It has real strawberries inside. Not too sweet and enjoyable.

strawberry latte 딸기 라떼 and red bean bun
red bean bun

Because we were at the dessert cafe, an order or two of bingsu was a must! So we had two types; green tea bingsu and the original injeolmi bingsu. For injeolmi bingsu, I always have a problem eating it. If accidentally inhaled too fast, it'll irritates the throat and makes one cough.

Injeolmi Bingsu 인절미 빙수

green tea bingsu 녹차 빙수
Was impressed by the green tea bingsu. It came with two scoops of green tea ice-cream! Plus, it has green tea syrup to pour over. Wow!

let it flow~

The plus points for the bingsu was because the shaved ice was made of milk and in-between those shaved ice-mounds, there are layers of condensed milk in there. So very good and tasty.

charcoal mochi
our drinks

This place is recommended for the strawberry latte and the bingsu. Staff was also friendly and cute!


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