Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sakae Sushi @ Lot One

My parents would visit this outlet each time they are in Singapore. Reason being that Lot One is close to the place that we are staying. Otherwise, the other option would be Ichiban Boshi at Jurong East.

The menu at Sakae has been revamped and it is pretty decent. Am having a thing for aburi sushi and they do have 4-pieces of aburi salmon for $10. Not a bad deal. Especially if the size of the sushi is not too minuscule that it then becomes irksome.

Aburi Salmon Sushi @$10 (4 pieces)
pretty good

For me, I'd usually do 7-pieces of sushi for a meal. As in every meal, there should be some greens, so I got myself a plate of wakame (seaweed) sushi. Just loved those saltish crunchy texture of the seaweed.

wakame ワカメ

The last finale piece, was a handroll. Been ages since I last ate one. Oops, for this meal, I'd consider the amount of rice in the handroll as x 3 of any sushi piece. Means, I ate 9 pieces of sushi in total. No wonder I remembered feeling rather full after that.

California Handroll 手巻


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