Sunday, April 8, 2018

[Media Invite] Vineyard @ Hort Park

Vineyard is a restaurant nestled amist the lush greeneries of HortPark and is a beautiful venue for romantic or quiet dinners. Garden parties, solemnization are also often held at Vineyard. One could escape from the hustle bustle of city life and enjoy the tranquil surroundings with good food.

Cucumber Tea & Tonic @$8
Cool down with the refreshing Cucumber Tea & Tonic, a beverage well suited to our humid climate. Was given an amuse bouche of Duck Rillete Bruschetta. Regular olive bread is available as well. The duck rillete was tasty and it got us anticipating for more.

Duck Rilette Bruschetta
For starters, the Garlic Parsley Frog Leg and Warm Truffle Shoyu Mushroom Spinach Salad were both excellent. I liked both. The flavours from the spinach salad were bold and good with a glass of bubbly. The meaty frog leg cooked in parsley garlic butter served with mesclun salad was love at first bite. So good.

Warm Truffle Shoyu Mushroom Spinach Salad @$17
Garlic Parsley Frog Leg @$18
For brunch, one could opt for the strong flavours of Moroccan Lamb Baked Egg, or the lighter Prosciutto Ham Croque Madame. For the carb lovers, the Big Breakfast Aglio Olio Pasta came with a large amount of the noodles!

Moroccan Lamb Baked Eggs
The Moroccan Lamb Baked Eggs had plenty of spiced tomato braised lamb in it, and topped with melty mozarella cheese. The yolk was perfectly running and bread was used to soak up the golden lava. The spice was not overpowering and there's enough sauce for two. Best to be shared.

each bite loaded with lamb
The Big Breakfast Aglio Olio Pasta is sure to satiate any ravenous appetite. It tasted healthy and loved the omelette. For me, I'd prefer the Prosciutto Ham Croque Madame.

Big Breakfast Aglio Olio Pasta
This croque madame had aged prosciutto ham, spinach cream sauce, duo of cheese hidden underneath the wholemeal bread, topped with two gorgeous sunny side up eggs, served with mixed salad. Mmm, my kind of breakfast.

Prosciutto Ham Croque Madame
How about the dessert? Tried two and found my favourite from Vineyard. For a little bit of unconventionality, opt for the Vanilla Panna Cotta. Its flavour was not something that one might expect out of a panna cotta, so it was rather interesting with the apricot jam and mango gel. The pudding itself was lovely and not overly sweetened.

Vanilla Panna Cotta @$12

For the old-fashioned (I meant myself of course!), the Signature Italian Tiramisu had me scraping the bottoms for more. Kahlua expresso soaked sponge with Bailey Mascarpone Cream. That's double dose of goodness!

Signature Italian Tiramisu @$14

The calm surroundings made the tasty food even more enjoyable. Thank you Jennifer (@jellymagically) for the invite and Vineyard for the tasting.


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