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[Tasting] All-You-Can-Eat Nonya Popiah @ The Peranakan

The Peranakan All-You-Can-Eat Nonya Popiah

The Peranakan is an elegant restaurant located at Level 2 Claymore Connect, where one could enjoy flavourful homely Peranakan dishes from the kitchen of Chef Raymond Khoo's culinary team. Of recent, they are having a Sat/Sun All-You-Can-Eat Nonya Popiah for just $28 per pax. The DIY popiah buffet is available from 230pm to 530pm on weekends. During this introductory period, the popular mee siam is included as well as Lemongrass Pandan Tea.

All-You-Can-Eat Nonya Popiah
The ingredients are laid out on a communal table, and gently pry open two pieces of the popiah skin from the container and one could throw in a leaf or two of fresh lettuce, spread it with some sweet sauce and that bright red chili paste, then add a few sprouts for that traditional crunch, a dab of minced garlic for extra shiokness, I liked mine with lots of hard boiled egg, some slices of boiled prawns and finally the sweet cooked turnip with pork belly.

pile it up!

The challenge was of course to fold the popiah. On first try, the popiah skin had failed to contain the mountain of ingredients in it. That's the consequences for being greedy! But never mind lah, still can makan! The taste of the fried turnip was good, and naturally sweetened with the lovely pork belly.

deconstructed popiah

In the midst of all the fun in folding your own popiah, one could whet their appetite by slurping up bowls after bowls of the delectably tangy mee siam. Do note that this might be alternated with laksa goreng. Dab a bit of the powerful sambal on the dining table and the mee siam was elevated to another realm. So shiok!

mee siam
laksa goreng

After some tries, I think I got the hang of things, and so here's the presentable popiah, with skin that almost threatened to break (actually it did, but salvageable!), neatly sliced into 3 not-so-bite-sized parts (with the help of a sharper knife), plated without anything falling onto the floor and garnished with a stalk of parsley.


Ala-carte Dishes (Not Part of All-You-Can-Eat)

If you're still hungry or need another type of carbs, fret not as The Peranakan has a special dish called Nasi Buah Keluak. Rice that has the full flavours of buah keluak, made even more refreshing with herbs and served with achar sambal timun. If this is not yums, I don't know what is!

Nasi Buah Keluak (separate ala-carte order)

Dessert (Not Part of All-You-Can-Eat)

Have you tried apom bokwa before? I have not even seen one until that day at The Peranakan! It looked really cute and has bunga telang (blue pea) giving it a dash of colour. The small pancakes are fluffy and served with sweet pengat pisang with gula melaka sauce.

apom bokwa @$12
jemput makan
Don't forget the Pandan Gula Melaka cake and it is still one of my favourite. And a pot of Malacca Coffee or Milk Tea is the best pairing for the dessert.

Gula Melaka Pandan Cake @$6.50
A pot of Malacca Milk Tea @$6.50

If you prefer shaved ice, then how about a Chendol Melaka? You can have it with or without the durian pengat. Or, get a bowl of durian pengat for yourself!

Chendol Melaka @$6.50
pengat durian

Once again, thank you Hence (@chubbybotakkoala) for extending the invite and Chef Raymond Khoo and The Peranakan team for hosting the tasting. Enjoyed your warm hospitality and the great tasting heritage dishes.


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