Sunday, March 25, 2018

Showa Hakata Ramen & Izakaya @ Yuan Ching Road

Showa Hakata is located at the Jurong Superbowl near McDonald's. I remembered Superbowl was one of the dining destination way back in the 1990's when Jurong Point was non-existent yet.

Was there again for lunch on a Saturday and it was really quiet. Maybe about 3 tables occupied. Utilized eatigo app to make the reservations and redemption was fuss-free. Just show the staff before ordering and they will note down the reservation number. There's a whopping 50% off on non-promo food items for 12pm lunch on a weekend.

sushi counter
drinks promo
order via iPad

There's a 1-for-1 drinks promo which included orange juice, beer, umeshu and sake. Guess what I chose?

Chose sake although I suspected my bro might have wanted beer...Nevertheless, it's good to try new things. The cold sake was poured to the brim and then some.

to the brim!

The taste of Gekkeikan sake was light and clean. Nice to pair with sashimi. Food arrived fairly quickly, especially the teppanyaki beef. The beef cubes were tender and tasted better on its own. The sesame sauce, was...not quite it. This meat dish was leaning on the salty side, so better have it with a drink or rice.

Beef Teppanyaki @$18++
Dashi Maki @$6++
The dashi maki was leaning towards the sweeter side and served lukewarm. Am always on the lookout for good dashimaki tamago but it's quite rare to come across good ones. Both Hokkaido Izakaya and Aburi Sushi Heishinrou are my current favourite go-to places for the dashimaki tamago.

Dynamite Maki @$16.80++

When the first dish, the beef teppanyaki arrived, I had a hunch that the food portion here would not be ideal. It was reinforced when the plate of Dynamite Maki landed on our table. The size of the roll, was really tiny. For the original price of $16.80++, felt that this did not offer value-for-money. The taste was good nevertheless.

close up view - aburi salmon, unagi and cucumber

The Three Kind Sashimi priced at $48++ for 12 slices of fish meant that customers are paying $4.68 per slice. That's a rather premium price, don't you think? Thank goodness for the brilliant eatigo app which allowed consumers to enjoy the fresh salmon belly, hamachi and mekajiki slices at $24++.

Three Kind Sashimi @$48++

Got a complimentary salmon mentai sushi for liking Showa Hakata's Facebook page and by posting the photo online. This aburi salmon was well-oiled and melt-in-your-mouth kind of good.

Salmon Mentai Sushi @$6.80++

There is a bus stop right in front of McDonald's, otherwise a car is definitely necessary. This place is pretty far out.

They do have 1-for-1 curry ebi rice (@$17.80++), so that's a good deal coupled with the 1-for-1 drinks promo. Overall, staff was friendly and service was efficient.

Expect to spend about $35 per pax.


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