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OMT Carnival Themed Cafe ( Oh My 天 Bakehouse and Cafe ) @ Whampoa West (CLOSED)

This cafe is located at Whampoa West where its nearest MRT is Boon Keng. A rather quaint cafe, with a carnival theme and nestled within the sleepy neighbourhood. If you're there at night, this place would be flanked by the bright neon from the salon next door and smoke from the nearby zhichar shops.

dine under the carousel tent

The place is semi self-service. Order and pay at the counter. Staff will serve the food thereafter. Do help yourself to the utensils and sauces.

utensils, sauce and tissue counter
The staff are mostly youngsters, and the place exudes a youthful vibe. Patrons wise, a mix of young adults, and working adults.

Was invited to try the menu and since we went as a party of 8, we started with curly fries and nachos. It was eat until peng portion for the curly fries (large size). The salted egg dip was tasty but its texture was rather grainy.

Curly Fries with salted egg yolk dip @$12 /Large or $8/Regular)

For a more substantial appetiser, there's seafood gyoza for sharing. Comes as 8 pieces and served with ginger and black vinegar. The usual fillings of shrimp, mushroom, leek and cabbage. These would be most suited if am having a beer.

Seafood Gyoza @$12

For the thristy, tap water is available. We tried OMT specialty drink, the Heavenly Milkshake which is laced with chocolate sauce, double scoop of vanilla ice-cream and topped with whipped cream. This was my favourite drink. Not too thick and non-too sweet. Sinful, nevertheless.

Heavenly Milkshake @$8.80

Or, if you prefer something less milky, there's the handcrafted refreshing Italian soda. It was strawberry flavoured with soda water and steam milk.

Refreshing Italian Soda @$6.80

Also tried a couple of mains from the menu. There's chicken fillet with japanese curry rice. In fact, there were a few variations of these. One could have it with either chicken fillet or chicken thigh and spicy or non-spicy version.

Plenty of proteins and carbs in this dish. Portion was generous. Liked that it was served with a sunny side-up, sliced japanese cucumber and cherry tomatoes and a crisp lettuce leaves. However, would have prefer the curry sauce to be less thick and less salty. As japanese curry tend to be very mild, I'd go for the spcy version.

Oyakodon fillet curry rice @$15.80
If you prefer less carb, then the Greeny Protein will satisfy that criteria. A huge bowl of chicken fillet, served with vegetables and hard boiled egg. The chicken fillet was definitely lean. Wonder if they'd make a thigh version for this?

Greeny Protein @$14.80
For one that prefers seafood, there's a fish and chip but with a twist. The fish batter was black as charcoal. Visually shocking! Served with curly fries, cucumber and cherry tomatoes and salted egg yolk sauce. On the side, there's a tiny cup of thai chili sauce for the fish.

Dory Voyage (fish and chips) @$18.80
thai chili sauce for the fish

If you have a sudden craving for saba shioyaki, it is on the menu as well. This was just the fish, glazed with teriyaki sauce and served with vegetables and bonito flakes. Quirky find, on a cafe menu.

Saba Shioyaki @$12.80

In the spirit of carnival fun, one could find seafood platter with lobster no less in this place.The platter consists of 2 lobsters, 3 large prawns, grilled potatoes and some greens.

Lobster Seafood Platter @$59.80

For dessert, there's the usual waffles and for more oriental type of dessert, one could opt for the light and soft tofu beancurd.

OMT ice-cream waffles (2 scoops) @$12.50

Donut ice-cream @$6

Am unsure of what to make of the donut ice-cream. A tad haphazard looking but, still it was ice-cream.  However, the thought of sweet donut underneath the ice-cream, plus the generous drizzle of sauce plus a marshmallow...sweetness overload!

For the health-conscious, the homemade dou fu fa would be a good choice. Served hot and enough for two pax. Silky smooth as it should be.

homemade dou fu fa @$5
orange sugar for some sweetness

Thank you Elle for the invite and OMT for hosting the tasting.

OMT Carnival Themed Cafe

Location: 34 Whampoa West #01-79 (S)330034
Contact: +65 6612 1166
Business Hours:
Tues to Sun.  12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Closed on Mondays


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