Tuesday, June 27, 2017

[Media Invite] 8 Korean BBQ @ The Central Clarke Quay

This is their original outlet when 8 Korean BBQ first opened in Singapore way back in 2013. Known for their Mangalica pork bellies marinated eight ways, 8 Korean BBQ also brew their own makgeolli. Yummy! Nearest MRT would be Clarke Quay MRT station, alight and the shop is located at Level 2 of The Central.

mandatory signboard shot
Saw that now, they have added samgyetang (ginseng chicken) to their Lunch Special menu. It's rare to see black ginseng chicken in Singapore, yes? Wonder if they serve it with a shot of ginseng liqour.

new alert lunch special

Another new item in the menu is the Cheesy Pork Ribs. My first time having pulled cheese pork ribs. Guess it's a fun way of eating! Though the insides of my head was really proclaiming about the calories, the calories! Hahaa!

Cheesy Pork Ribs @$32++

When you're ready, the staff would turn on the heat and slowly, the mozarella and cheddar cheeses will eventually begin to melt. Do remember to turn it off before it starts boiling. Burnt cheese is no joke. Wonder how they'd scrub off those burnt bits...

It was really fascinating just to watch the cheese melting and starts to bubble. That is if one is not too preoccupied with the side dishes. Alas, they don't have the yummy baby potatoes here. For the banchan, there's fish cake, cucumber kimchi, pickled radish and lotus root.

twirl the cheese, round and round
The pork ribs were tender and well marinated. Tasty enough on its own. The cheese was just a fun way of eating this. Hmm, we should have rolled the fish cake with cheese too. Or maybe, rolled cheese in lettuce?

playing with my food

At times like this, a shot of makgeolli would be nice. The yucha makgeolli was really nice and I think the alcoholic content of this would be low, probably similar to beer. The citron makgeolli was easy to drink, very frothy and had bits of the fruit peel in it.

Yucha Makgeolli (유자 막걸리) @$35++

Lets's line the tummy with some rice. How about designing your own bibimbap? If you want this, please order by 2pm and is available from 1130am to 230pm only. Opt for your favourite meat and there's a poach egg sitting on top of the rice. Quite unusual, considering most will do sunny side-up.

Design your own bibimbap @$10.90 upwards (only during lunch hours)
mix it well
tasty bibimbap
For crowd favourites, one must order the colour pork belly set. For a group of 5, you may want to get the 4-colours set. Larger group, one needs the 8-colours set! Those thick bellies looked good. The available flavours are Wine, Original, Garlic, Herb, Miso, Curry, Red Pepper Paste, Kalbi. These are in the order of light to strong. For the 4-colours set, the strongest flavour we had was the curry.

4 colours set @$58++
let it sizzle!
cover it all up and await
hana deul set, go!

Staff would do the grilling, so sit back and sip on the yucha makgeolli. Am not sure why, but most of my friends crave for army stew. Why? Please tell me why! I mean, it's just ramyun, spam, onions, baked beans and cheese. However, by far the most intense flavoured (and smallest in size!) army stew was from Joo Bar. Quite shioks, that one.

army stew (included in the 4-colours set) @$24++

And, of course, for the finale we had dessert. The 'bibimbap' bingsu, signature of 8 Korean BBQ. There's  tiny marshmallows, crunch, mango and strawberry cubes, azuki beans, kiwi and housemade milk ice. Preparations would take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Great to share with a group of friends.

Bibimbap Bingsu @$28++

chocolate sauce onto the bingsu

We enjoyed it as it is. No mixing for us! Am just waiting for the day when someone pours chocolate fudge all over this and when it touches the ice...whoa, chocolate crust. Hahhaa!

Thank you Shermaine (@littletinysun) for the invite and 8 Korean BBQ for hosting.


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