Sunday, June 4, 2017

[Media Invite] WANNA CUPPA @ 15 New Bridge Road (Opposite Clarke Quay The Central)

Wanna Cuppa has launched a new menu and we sampled a few. There are a couple of promotions available at the moment and one of them being 10% off ala-carte items (except nibbles, drinks and desserts). Do enquire with the service staff prior to placing your order. At the moment, the new lunch sets comes with free homemade soup! Now, isn't that another added reason to go and try?

promotion board

If your'e a salad person, then the Zesty Seafood Salad may be just the dish that you'll be looking for. Grilled calamari and prawns place prominently on a green bed of mescluns and onion rings, and scattered with some olives, grapefruit and cherry tomatoes. The balsamic dressing was thicker than expected. Appetising nonetheless. Toss it well to enjoy. Citrusy, tangy and refreshing. The amount of seafood was good too!

Zesty Seafood Salad @$17.90

If you're not a fan of seafood salad, then there are other options such as the Big V Salad (vegetarian) or the BESS Salad (bacon strips, egg, smoked salmon, spinach, capers, bell peppers and mesclun).

For appetisers, we tried the enoki mushroom fries served with wasabi mayo. This was one dish that need to be eaten right out of the fryer to enjoy the crisp batter.

Enoki Mushroom Fries @$11.90
For mains, let's share some pasta. I had fond memories of their Pesto Pasta. The new menu boasts of new pasta dishes such as the Grilled Ebi Miso Pasta and the Clams Vongole.

Grilled Ebi Miso Pasta @$17.90

Both the pasta dishes managed to deliver. The Grilled Ebi Miso has an interesting green component of brussels sprouts. Toss it, and the well coated noodles were rather tasty. The miso sauce provided the savoury component to the dish and overall, it felt like an aglio olio. If you prefer the Ebi Miso pasta to be spicy, please indicate so when you are ordering. I think I might just order a spicy one the next time.

Or, enjoy the comfortable level of spiciness in Clams Vongole. Actually, wasn't expecting a spicy Clams Vongole so this was a surprise. On the other hand, the menu did actually indicated this dish with a 'S'. That was to let diners know that it would be spicy. Hahaa, didn't read properly! Liked that the clams were still flavourful. The white wine sauce was adequate and pretty umami'sh.

Clams Vongole @$20.90

Was informed that the Truffle Butter Spaghetti hits all the right spots for flavour. If you have tried it, do share your thoughts on the dish. Would love to hear from you.

Are you a meatatarian too? I like my meat and the Oriental Wings (8 pieces for $15.90) seemed like something that I would like. Unfortunately, it wasnt available that night.

The Grilled Pork Chop is served with sweet potato fries and a side of tropical fruits with mint salsa. We got green apple cubes that night and it tasted like pickled green apples in spicy mint sauce. Pretty good.

Grilled Pork Chop @$23.90
I like meat

What comes to mind when you see a dish called "Seafarer's Seafood Platter"? My mind conjured up mostly fried items. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised to see grilled seafood and some greens on the platter. This platter could be shared by 2 pax.  About 4 pieces of battered fishlings, handful of clams, grilled prawns and squids and mesclun. The clams were non-spicy.

Seafarer's Seafood Platter @$27.90

Wanna Cuppa serves Alska cider, and those were one of the tastiest cider that I've tasted thus far. Otherwise, there's also coffee/tea and dessert.

Thank you Kris for the invite and Jeanette for hosting the tasting.


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