Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Armoury x Yellow Cup Coffee @ South Beach Avenue

Cosy and casual young vibes all round, The Armoury x Yellow Cup Coffee is a business where the brothers are in-charge. This is a place where you get craft beer, burgers and coffee all under one roof. Chanced upon this place during one of the weekends, and with Happy Hour prices, got myself a Hawaiian Kona draft beer to try.

on tap
happy pricing

The cool thing about this place is that the people here are friendly. The craft beers on tap are mostly American and if you weren't sure of what to get, they were alright with offering a sampler if you're already bought a drink or if you ask really nicely.

They have Rogue ale the hazelnut brown nectar one, Stone IPA and coffee stout amongst others. Have had those elsewhere so this time round, chose the Kona Golden Ale.


The beer was light and balanced, pretty easy to drink though it was rather early that day.

Kona Golden Ale (4.4% ABV) @$6 (HH)

For food, we sampled the Beer Battered Chicken Cutlet on Waffles for savoury and for the sweets, we had the Berry Ricotta Pancake (special order and depends on availability of ingredients, as the on-menu version was matcha).

Beer Battered Chicken Cutlet on Waffles @$21

The beer battered chicken had nicely crisp batter that was music to the ears. Yums! It had a bit of salted egg lava drizzled onto the cutlet, served with sunny side up which oozes nicely when sliced and some dots of ricotta cheese. On the overall, the chicken thigh was well marinated and tasty but it was also a bit on the sweeter side. Preferred it to be more savoury and perhaps with a touch more of spice like chili flakes or chili padi. The waffles was nicely eggy. Would have loved to bite into these chicken cutlet again!

I'm the only one with beer while the rest were happily sipping their honey or nutella latte. Then, I got a spoonful of nutella to try. What did I do? Why, have it with beer of course! Surprisingly, this combo works. In fact, it works extremely well with the Hawaiian Kona beer.

nutella and golden ale, because I can
The coffee here is from Yellow Cup Coffee and using the La Marzocco machine.

coffee counter
for that intense flavour

And, the Berry Ricotta Pancake had like 3-stacks of pancake in there and topped with lots of seasonal berries; we got blueberries, strawberries; raspberries, yuzu gel and mascarpone cheese.

Berry Ricotta Pancake @$22

We were stuffed from eating too much that day with Fynn's being our first brunch stop.

young vibes

Worth checking out if you are in the vicinity, as they do have a good selection of drinks and good food. Or, drop by for a drink and casual chat with the young bosses.

drinks menu


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