Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Wine Company @ Dempsey

Has been to The Wine Company multiple times but mostly at night and at the alfresco area. Was recently invited for a lunch get-together session with a cosy group of wine aficionados. We were early a few minutes early, and the place opens at 12 noon.

business hours

The indoor dining area was comfortably cosy, and on a weekend, only one service staff was in-store.

no one's here yet
bar counter

Since we were early, it felt like we had the whole restaurant for ourselves. How cool was that! Hahaa. Well, at least for that half hour or so, we enjoyed our privilege.


The design of the menu was somewhat disjointed from the vibe that this place was giving. Nevertheless, never judge a book by its cover!

I had the honour (or stress) of choosing the first bottle. Let's start with something light so naturally, that'll be a white. Since there are three ladies in the group, I'd go with something semi-sweet. So, ended up with a Steigelmann Gimmeldinger Meerspinne Riesling Kabinett Halb-tr 2014.

Steigelmann Riesling Kabinett 2014 @$55.90
It was fruity, and tasted of apples, peaches and honey. Very likeable and thank goodness the rest enjoyed this too.

Ordered some finger food to share while we enjoyed the conversations and the flow of the Riesling. The light bites included seared tuna which was rather good with the generously coated pepper at its sides. The pork belly and squid were well fried and oily food, tasted better with wine.

Pepper Seared Tuna @$9.90
salt & pepper squid @$9.90
deep fried crispy pork belly @$7.90

Also ordered the nam yee chicken wings, which was tasty but unfortunately, the drumlets came with a red center. Meaning that the drumlets were either too frozen or its thicker center actually needed a bit more time in the fryer...

nam yee chicken wings @$9.90

Next up, we also had a bottle of red. Ivan chose the Shiraz. A South African Bushmanspad Shiraz 2015. Surprisingly, the tannicity was alright, full bodied, drinkable and tasted of cherries and dark chocolate.

South African Bushmanspad Shiraz 2015 @$59.90

When foodies gathered, what did we do? We had more food! Quite amazing that we still did main courses! I think the food here is decisively fusion.

Yong Tau Foo Capellini @$8.90
Pig Trotters Bee Hoon @$6.90

The capellini may be a tad salty, but since we were having wine, it balances out rather nicely. The pig trotters bee hoon was a tad too sweet but enjoyable nonetheless. Hot food and wine, yes please.

And then, we did a charchuterie platter. Wow. Am amazed by the amount of food that we could eat (or rather, had eaten!).

Charchuterie Platter @$24.90 (half) or $34.90 (full)

The platter consisted of pickled gherkins, truffle salami, chicken liver pate, pancetta, prosciutto, cheeses; cheddar and morbier, olives, mustard, jam, dried fruits, nuts, crackers & crispy baguettes. Loved the mustard, jam, the pate, the salami and the cheeses. Yums!

Lovely friends to enjoy the good wine and food. Thank you Elle, Cindy and Ivan!


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