Sunday, February 26, 2017

Edogawa 江戸川 近鉄京都駅店 @ Kyoto Station

It was our last meal in Kyoto and with such a thought, it was really a 'no-holds-bar' situation. However, with wrist and feet hurting, I just wanted somewhere nearby. So off to Kyoto Station we went, in search for dinner. We were staying at Fushimi Inari Station, which was about 7 mins away with one transfer to main Kyoto Station. Not too bad, just that we went out on a Friday evening. Haha.

Walked around Kyoto Station before finally made our choice. Edogawa, for its unagi. Keke! I think I was sold by the unagi character at its signboard...

Edogawa Kyoto

Got a table pretty fast and gave the menu a good look-through. Made my choice and ordered. Can you guess what was my choice? First, drinks. のみますか?推測できますか? Something alcoholic? Yes, you know my style. Had a small tokkuri of warm sake for about SGD7. Kinda nice on a cold night. Actually, every night is perpetually cold in Kyoto during November period.

日本酒 sake @ ¥430

The sake was mildly fragrant and the alcohol doesn't hit you till later. Though it was a small flask, I'm convinced that am not able to finish it all by myself.

Truth be told, I was bent on trying Japanese beef. So, naturally, it became a must-order. A small set was about SGD24 and it had 5 slices of thick cut beef, some vegetables like green pepper, a slice of brinjal, a slice of pumpkin, shitake mushroom and corn. All these to be cooked on your own at your table. Just like what we usually see in Japan Hour!

Beef teppanyaki set @ ¥1,800
closer look at the meat
small fire to grill

The meat was beefy and mostly lean. I think our palates had become accustomed to the softer more marbled beef that we normally associate with Japanese beef. It was still rather fun and enjoyable. Am satisfied to have tried this in Kyoto.

on the grill

Next, was main course. Did you think I'd just be eating those few slices of meat? Hahaa! Need to eat those unagi! It was both a need and a want. Since I had hitsumabushi already, this time round, chose a unagi don with tamagoyaki. Moreover, the rolled egg had some unagi bits in it. It was really delicious and value for money. Came with pickles and a bowl of clear soup with some somen in it.

う卷丼 @ ¥1,360

first time seeing noodles in soup that came with a rice set

Lovely meal and interesting adventures in Kyoto.

Edogawa 江戸川 近鉄京都駅店

Location: Kintetsu Meitengai Kyoto road, 31-1 Higashishiokoji Kamadonocho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8215, Japan
Contact:  075-672-2081 (+81-75-672-2081)
Business Hours: 
Open on Sundays for lunch



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