Saturday, March 4, 2017

[Media Invite] Siam Mookata @ 83-85 Pasir Panjang Road

Located at an old school coffeeshop, Siam Mookata offers casual Thai steamboat & BBQ option to those who seeks it. The coffeeshop that houses it is called Par Shi Coffeeshop.

Siam Mookata
The specialty for Siam Mookata would be in its house concocted chili sauce. Not too overpowering and was a good accompaniment to the grilled meats. You could also order up a cool Thai Ice Tea to quench those fires.

special chili sauce
Thai Ice Tea @$3.50

For a group of 3 to 4 pax, the platter for 4 ($39.90) offers enough variety in that there's pork, chicken, prawns and squid. The types of cut included pork belly, marinted chicken thigh in garlic and marinated pork in black pepper. There were some crab stick and sausages too. The vegetable basket contained enough greens (bok choy) and chinese cabbage, and a bunch of golden mushrooms. Enough lard was provided to oil the grill. The stall provided a large container of chicken broth for our use. Quite liked the soup!

ready to start

One could also do ala-carte order of the Special Pork Belly (marinated). The marinade for this was really light though.

Special Pork Belly @$7.90
It was fun having Mookata with friends. Conversations flowed while the food cooked slowly. The prawns were of a good size, firm and fresh but it was too much of a hassle to eat.

let's eat
do you prefer it bbq'ed or in the soup?

The vegetable basket did contain tanghoon but if you need more carbs, you could also do ala-carte orders of rice or mama noodles. Nothing beats having the tanghoon though. Slurpiliciously good!

mama noodle @$1.50

Expect to spend about $17 per pax for a platter with additional top-up of pork liver and special pork belly, and a cold drink.

Also watch out for Hungrygowhere deals. Just so you know, till 31 March diners gets 50% off total dining bill at Siam Mookata when booked via Hungrygowhere. Terms and conditions applies.

Special thanks to Siam Mookata and HGW for the invite.


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