Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fix Cafe @ Ah Hood Road

Nestled deep in NS Home Team Clubhouse, this place is actually pretty near my workplace. Met friends for late lunch on a Saturday. Friends had already finished their meal by the time I arrived, so ordered Mexican Fried Chicken and doughnuts as dessert.

But first up, a nice cold drink to quench thirst on a hot humid afternoon. Liked the Earl Grey Lychee Tea!

Lychee Earl Grey Tea @$5++

Fried chicken came in two pieces, so I shared one with a friend. Came with a side serving of salad and a herbed dip. Had mine with leftover chili sauce from friends' earlier fajitas. The chicken was well fried though the seasoning is not that strong. Loved that they gave chicken thigh and drumsticks on that plate.

Mexican Fried Chicken @$14++

Asked the service crew for recommendations on desserts and the answer was donuts. Ok, let's try it.

Donuts with Salted Egg Dip @$6++

Cutesy mini round deep fried balls of dough with some icing sugar. The salted egg dip was rather thick, much more like a custard instead. I liked it especially when the donut was spread with lots of salted egg dip. Yums!

Patrons could choose to sit indoor or outdoors. The indoor seats are much cooler but it was also at the blind spot of the service staff. Perhaps it was because we dined there at odd hours, so the staff did not check on us. Other than that, staff were friendly.


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