Saturday, August 27, 2016

JB Ah Meng Kitchen 新山亚明小厨 @ 2 Lorong 23 Geylang

It was ripe time again for a zhichar gathering. All it took was for one party to suggest and the rest of us to come to an agreed date and time. Gotta love my foodie pals!

This time round, we explored the foodie haven of Geylang. Ok. The word 'explored' was probably exaggerated as all we did was to convene at this one place; JB Ah Meng.

Took a cab there and discovered that Lorong 23 has 2 stretch of road and hence, was unceremoniously dropped off by taxi uncle as he said he doesn't know where it is. Sure, I just needed to choose one side and walk ahead. Headed towards where the bright lights were (away from the industrial buildings) and soon enough, found the place at the end of Lorong 23.

Imagine dingy backlane, warm stuffy air, hot tasty food and sometimes someone running away from something. Yeah, this is the place to experience all those.

glimpse into the kitchen
I was the last one to arrive and at a good timing too as food was just served and ready to eat. Let's see what we had. Here's our menu for that night:

  • J.B San Lou Meehoon (L)
  • Salted Egg Prawn Ball (M)
  • Crab Roll Fritter (S)
  • Snake Beans with Lotus Roots (M)
  • Fried Black Hokkien Noodles (M)
  • White Pepper Crabs (2 pieces)
  • Kurobuta Boneless Pork Collar (S)
  • Fermented Bean with Belly Pork (S)

Amazing selection, and am even more amazed as all the above were consumed by just the 6 of us. Two guys and 4 gals. Wow!

Let the feast begin. The plate of beehoon was nondescript. Not as charred nor 'chaotar' as initially thought. There were some greens that was hidden in the mid-section of the dish. Otherwise, it was just charred rice vermicelli with sprouts, eggs and leafy greens.

JB San Lou Meehoon (新山三楼米粉) @$14  (Large)
Crab Roll Friter (蟹冬双拼) @$12 (Small)
The crab roll fritter was quite interesting, especially the crispy stuff. Tapioca? Nah. It was actually deep fried kway teow sheets. Sweet, spicy and the texture of the crab roll was actually soft.

Fermented Bean with Belly Pork (南乳炸花肉) @$12 small)
The deep fried pork belly in fermented bean curd paste was rather light. Pleasant and enjoyable but wished its taste could be stronger.

The deep fried salted egg prawn ball was a pretty huge plate for a medium. The prawns were plump but overly firm. Tasted like pork! So bouncy. Haha! Interesting corn kernels in there but was probably there for crispy texture.

Salted Egg Prawn Ball (咸蛋虾球) @$30 (Medium)

Hokkien Black Noodles @$9 (Medium)
I think we made a mistake in ordering two carbs. But the fried hokkien noodles was rather value for money with a medium sized plate going for just $9! Medium for this is similar to a large plate. It has some pork slices, vege and small prawns in it. If only the sauce was darker, its noodles rounder and perhaps some chicken liver and gizzard in there, plus a bit of lard or two...then it would be even more similar to KL style fried hokkien mee. Well, a girl can only wish...

And for our customary vegetable dish, thought we ordered something interesting as I never had 'snake beans' before. However, it turned out to be....french beans. Oh, alright.... (did you sense the disappointment?)
That aside, I kind of liked this dish. There was french beans, some celery and deep fried lotus roots crisp.
But it was kind of a small plate for $18, so probably not value for money.

Snake Beans with Lotus Roots (蛇豆炒莲藕) @$18 (Medium)

Next up, if you're having white rice, then this next dish would be the perfect combi. The stir-fried kurobuta pork collar in black pepper sauce. Tender slices of pork, in rich strongly flavoured sauce and capsicums. 给我多一碗饭吧!But then, we still have the noodles...oops!

Kurobuta Boneless Pork Collar @$20

Weather was so warm and humid that it demands for some cooling drink. I had the oldenlandia (白花蛇草). An old school favourite with a sprinkling of salt.

drinks, COD

And did you think we were done? Am saving the best for last. My favourite dish of the night, goes to....
Yes, you are right. The white pepper crabs! WooOOhOOo!

White Pepper Crabs @$48
back view

Good sauce, not overpowering, plenty of spring onions and fresh, sweet meaty crab. Not that big in size but it was fresh and sweet. So yummy.

Tummies full, and plates emptied. Backlane eats, our zhichar story. Special thanks goes to foodie gang; Shermaine, Kris, Jennifer, Ivan and Hence. Shared calories, shared memories. Thank you guys!


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