Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Square @ Novotel Clarke Quay

Usher in the Year of the Monkey at The Square Restaurant at Novotel Clarke Quay. Buffet dinner is competitively priced at $58++, and one gets to enjoy free-flow of soft-drinks for buffet dinners on 8th and 9th February. Not only that, there is also a do-it-yourself yusheng station for that toss of prosperity and good health.

The Square is located at Level 7 of Novotel Clarke Quay which is just beside Liang Court.

ready for the year of the monkey
DIY Yusheng station

The Square has included a small little print-out describing the "11 Steps to Lo Hei". A very nifty little guide, if I may say, that's complete with auspicious phrases for each of the step. How useful!

ingredients prepped and ready
fast forward to #10 - 甜甜蜜蜜 (sweet and loving relationships)
and finally, for floor full of gold (满地黄金)

Huat ah! 发啊!Prosper!

For this yusheng, we had it with sashimi grade air-flown fish. Hmm, I wonder if yusheng can be mixed with say the prawns or oysters from the cold seafood section? It is a buffet after all.

lovely prawns and oysters
For those who loves their roasts, The Square will be rotating the meats on a daily basis. On our day of visit, there's roast chicken and lamb.

For crab lovers, they do have chili crab on the menu.

chili crab

The Square also offers live-cooking station, where one could order local delights such as laksa, clear noodles soup or tom yum, or a hot off the pan risotto and selected pasta from the western counter. These are ala-minute portions.

to be cooked upon order
Found ee-fu noodles and braised sea cucumber with mushrooms. Of course, must sample. Don't miss the chance to grab those collageny sea cucumber and braised-till-soft mushrooms. Yums!

braised ee-fu noodles
braised sea cucumber with mushrooms

Don't worry as there are still international dishes to cater to diners whom would like to have salads, cheeses and breads. Discovered lamb tajine and it was quite good, in terms of the tender meat. However, this could be a tad too gamey for some.

lamb tajine

Here was what I had, at the buffet.

white wine (non-buffet item)
鱼生 (yusheng) - salad for starters
oysters (slurps) and prawns - appetisers
chili crab, lemon fish, braised fish maw and mushroom, chicken wrap, roasted lamb with mint jelly, mustard, relish and onion jam - main course

Oh, there was fish maw soup as well. Do get the black vinegar to go along with the soup. So comforting.

For desserts, the must-try for me, was still the durian pengat. Not to be missed! On top of that, I had all sorts of favourite kueh and biscuits. Some festive ones too.

dessersts from top left (counter-clockwise) - bread and butter pudding, chicken bak kwa, tartlet, nonya kek lapis and pineapple tart

festive goodies - love letters, green pea biscuit and not sure what's the name for the white one

Check out Hungrygowhere for The Square Lunar New Year promotion and to reserve a table.

Thank you to Novotel Clarke Quay's team for having us and HGW for the invite. Gong Xi Fa Cai, 万事如意!


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