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COCOTTE Weekend Brunch Trolley @ Wanderlust Hotel

The group decided to have brunch at COCOTTE@Wanderlust just the other weekend, so reservation was made. Cocotte (noun) means casserole, and COCOTTE Weekend Brunch Trolley@$69++ per pax, was what we were looking forward to.

First time having rustic French for brunch, and didn't really know what to expect. Never did any research on this place as well, though I think am still a subscriber to their mailing list. Was somewhat excited to try the food here. For brunch with free-flow Prosecco, that'll be $119++. Hmm, wine is always expensive in Singapore!

many accolades
waiting for our table

Ambiance was nice and cosy. Place feels adequately spacious. Brunch starts from 12pm, so if you are there early, or if need to wait for table to be ready, you could have a go at the foosball table.

retro barber chairs?

Liked the tables by the window, and how the natural lights gently flowed in. Feels a bit homely, a bit countryside.

table for two
Though there wasn't any menu for the brunch, the friendly service crew will drop by the table to explain on how's the experience at COCOTTE was going to be. Food will be pushed out via the trolley and guests will then be served on individual small plates. There will be a few appetisers, followed by three main meats and finally, the desserts trolley. Sounded good, and we were so ready!

And, when they start, the food did come by rather quickly.  First trolley soon appeared next to our table. First appetiser was the bacon and mushroom quiche.

appetiser trolley

For the cautious us, we started by sharing a slice of quiche amongst two pax. The quiche was really lovely. Imagine firm crust and warm wobbly fillings. The quiche was suitably seasoned and flavoured. Expect mild and natural flavours to shine through. Good.

bacon and mushroom quiche - side view

Next, let's have some fresh greens. Next we knew, a plate of salad was presented to our table. The dressing was light and tangy, and the addition of pear gave the salad a fruity sweetness. Actually, it was only in retrospective that we asked the staff what went into the salad. Blue cheese was revealed as one of the items. No wonder, there was a subtle hint of smokey flavour to the salad. Lovely and healthy!

salad leaves with pear and blue cheese

Next up, make a guess. Brunch usually will have some form of bread, right? So, the next appetiser was a trolley laden with sandwiches.

ham & brie sandwich
close up view
The sandwich was good. No kidding. A good slice of ham, with some cherry jam spread and melted brie. Ooh-la-la! Savoury sweet combo? Checked. Crusty bread but not jaw breaking? Checked. Lovely, and wished I had one more. But no. Decided to save the tummy space for the next unknown.

Next up, was a fish dish. Oh, does that mean main items had arrived? Liked the sea bass quite a bit and was also contemplating on whether I needed a second plate of this! But no, am not succumbing to temptations. The fish was moist and adequately seasoned. Once again, it was all about natural flavours with the other ingredients complementing it well.

pan-fried sea bass with dill, one more please
At this juncture, we were contemplating on our drinks. Wine? Yes, please. But first, the next course had arrived. Eggs done two-ways, cocotte-style.

sous vide egg with white beans ramekin (front)
scrambled egg with veal tongue and mushrooms

The sous vide egg was nicely done and with thick bright coloured yolk. The taste of the white beans was a tad like a milder version of baked beans. Enjoyable. The scrambled egg was nice too. The veal tongue tasted a bit like a slightly leaner version of ham.

break it and mix it up

Thirsty? Let's order some drinks, ala-carte. The brunch doesn't come with any drinks, except for the prosecco brunch. Coffee/tea/soda are available ala-carte as well.

There are two choices of house pours so I chose a blended white from France. Actually, the other house pour of Semillon Sauvignon Blanc from Barossa and Eden Valley was also to my liking, and had more pronounced flavours.

M. Chapoutier Cotes Du Luberon La Ciboise Blanc 2012 Rhone Valley
house pour white wine @$13++
Now am ready for the meats. Bring them on! Oh, not yet? Still at appetisers? Wow, that was plenty of food and just for appetisers. Next up, we had the mussels and beef tripe. The sauce for the mussels lacked a certain umami'ness to it, while fried beef tripe, well...stewed ones I like, but fried tripe was just lacking in the taste department.

what surprise lies in that pot?
fennel, cream and white wine clams & mussels, served with rustic bread

fried beef tripe with wholegrain mustard and pickles

For meats, we had roast chicken, pork and beef. But first, a sip of the wine. Then, commençons!

roast chicken with couscous

The roast chicken was tender and even the breast meat was alright for me. But the best part, had to be its skin. So flavourful and in limited edition for our plate. Have not tasted that many couscous in my lifetime, and for this dish, it also didn't leave any impression.

The pork was flavourful and slightly chewy but thoroughly enjoyable. Two slices each would be good.

roast pork with pumpkin puree
oyster blade roast beef with kale and roasted pumpkin

The roasted pumpkin was so sweet. Almost like a dessert. The beef texture was tender and one could taste its natural flavours. Meat and wine. Yums.

oyster blade roast beef with kale

Finally, we have reached the final leg of the brunch, and desserts trolley was next. By this time, we were feeling rather full.

For that weekend, the desserts trolley had four-types of desserts; Pistachio creme brulee, homemade basil ice-cream, banana walnut cake with chantilly cream, and chocolate cake with apple tart frangipane.

desserts trolley

Of course, we asked for each items to share and one ice-cream each. Basil ice-cream, how exotic!

banana walnut cake, basil ice-cream and pistachio creme brulee, apple tart and chocolate cake

The apple tart frangipane had an unexpected texture (at least to me) but the taste of it, grew with each bite. It was dense, much unlike the usual apple tart. A cup of coffee would go so well with these cakes.

apple tart frangipane, chocolate cake
basil ice-cream and pistachio creme brulee

The basil taste was really strong in this ice-cream but I think I quite liked it. Texture was good, and tasted refreshing. The pistachio creme brulee was torched at the table-side. Likeable.

But the winner of the desserts trolley, was really the banana walnut cake with chantilly cream. Thumbs up!

banana walnut cake with chantilly creme and macadamia nuts

With a glass of wine, expect to spend about $96 per pax.

Special shout-out to the makan kakis; Elle, Ivan, Hence, Tracy and Kris.


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