Sunday, February 14, 2016

d'Good Cafe @ 237 Holland Ave

Was there just before the Lunar New Year holidays. This was our first pit-stop for that week's cafe hop. Together with fellow kakis; Ivan, Hence, Kris and Tiara, we journeyed to the west (finally!). Took the MRT to Buona Vista and from there, change to Holland Village via the Circle Line. Take the Exit B and walk about 5 minutes to reach.

look up for the sign
Walk up that flight of stairs and you'll end up at the ordering counter at Level 2. There are more seats at Level 3.

The alfresco area at Level 3 was nice. Pretty too. But we opted for the cool comfort of airconditioning indoors.

alfresco dining (in a tent)
mini waterfall
perusing the menu

Was there to try the Deutsch skillet pancakes. First time in trying dutch pancake. Usually, we see lots of waffles, normal pancakes with maple syrups or egg bens during our cafe hop.

interesting toys in the shop
ooh, our table was mod from a sewing machine

The style at d'Good Cafe is self-service, so order up at Level 2 and you'll be given a buzzer. Collect from the same place. Think we got somewhat irritated when we were buzzed multiple separate times as our pancakes and drinks were completed at different times although it was ordered at one go.

8 Upon 8 on Toast @$13.50
there's leafy greens and ham in there
Was commenting about how awesome it would be if the fried egg was wrapping a poached egg inside of it, so that the yolk oozes out once it is cut. No sooner than said, we knived it gently and voila, out flowed the golden yolk! Awesome and totally unexpected as I didn't do any research on this cafe prior to the visit. Haha!


Next up, were the dutch pancakes. Here's the wiki link to dutch pancakes, for the curious. Had no idea of what it was prior to the visit. Very thin, and mildly sweet on its own.

I think it is actually quite similar to Chinese pancake that my mom used to make at home. We'd mix the flour with egg and a bit of water or milk, add a tiny bit of sugar and salt and mix till a good consistency. Put some oil on the wok or flat pan and fry a thin batter with hae bee (dried shrimps) or anchovies or sardines (mashed) and spring onions. Yums.

At d'Good Cafe, its dutch pancakes are actually more sweet than savoury as it is loaded with lots of citrus, leafy greens and fruits.

Pomegranate Citrus Smoked Duck @$13
CNY Special - Asian Skillet Pancake @$13.80

Loved the use of fresh fruits in both skillets. In the spirit of the lunar new year, we got the CNY Asian Skillet as well. The Pomegranate Citrus Smoked Duck skillet has savoury slices of smoked duck, chunks of walnuts, some greens, segments of mandarin oranges, slices of pear, sweet pomegranate and some baby radish. The CNY skillet has generous amount of meat floss, pear, orange segments, small minced cubes of bak kwa, little bit of greens and some wolfberries. Many didn't like this but I thought it tasted quite nice though the ingredients seemed repetitive and a tad too sweet.

this is how the underside of the dutch pancake looked like

This was quite a cosy cafe to visit with friends and its food are worth trying. Not too sure about its drinks though as I didn't order any.

Expect to spend about $15 per pax for a shared skillet and a drink.

Here's wishing everyone, may you enjoy Good Fortune, Good Health and Good Food all year-round. 恭喜发财,万事如意。祝您人日and 情人节快乐。

d'Good Cafe

Address: 237 Holland Ave, #02-01/02, Singapore 278992
Contact:  6219 9807
Business Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am to 11pm


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