Monday, January 18, 2016

Kedai Makanan Wan Fatt @ Jalan Mendaling

Revisited this place for some zhichar when I was back in Kajang during the December festive period. Read about my first documented visit here in 2012.

Wan Fatt feels rather run-down actually...but as long as the food is good and price is reasonable, then it is still one of the go-to places in Kajang. Rather unique to be going to a place that is like within temple grounds.

large tables for families
menu board

My cousin and uncle met us for dinner so there were 7 of us. Ordered five dishes; fish, pork, chicken, vegetable and a tofu dish. This place has a rather extensive menu and ordering was easy as the menu has pictures.

When eating zhichar in Malaysia, usually the dips would be garlic and bird-eye chilies with soy sauce. Drinks would be a pot of tea.

yum cha

Food arrived fairly quickly as we were there around 630pm. The crowds for weekends usually starts after 7.

(from top, clockwise - stir fried yau mak, pork ribs in golden pumpkin, two types of almond chicken, braised beancurd

The steamed tilapia with minced ginger was good. Think the fish was probably a good one kilo in weight. Vegetables were done stir-fried with preserved beancurd (the one's that is eaten with plain porridge).

The golden pumpkin was a bit bland though, but the pumpkin was naturally sweet. The chicken was a combo of crispy chicken skin with fish paste served with plum sauce, and the middle one would be deep fried chicken in salted egg yolk.

closer view of the almond chicken

The braised beancurd pot was really good and it has some vegetables in it as well. The sauce was good with the rice.

This meal for 7 pax cost about RM153.

Kedai Makanan Wan Fatt

Location: Temple Bangunan Tin Hong See, Jalan Mendaling, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact: 012-656 6553, 019-326 8476


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