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Bakes n Bites @ 51 Old Airport Road

This stall is located at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. Nearest MRT would be either Dakota or Mountbatten. From Dakota MRT, take Exit B, turn left and walk straight and you will be able to see the Old Airport Road hawker centre across the road. Stop at the traffic light and cross over and you will be standing near to the alfresco seats shaded by big umbrellas. Head on straight into the hawker centre, turn right and look for stall #01-164.

Bakes n Bites has a variety of sweet bakes including cakes, muffins, puffs, swiss rolls, cheesecakes while its savoury selection is currently limited to shepherd's pies.

cakes and shepherd's pies

The stall owners; Christopher and Christina are both jovial and friendly. They started the business not too long ago, and it was actually borned through sheer determination and hardwork. Christopher had learnt baking after he was retrenched from work when he was in his fifties. His wife, Christina, supports him in his endeavour as she helps him tirelessly in ingredients prepping, attending to orders and various other activities.

Had the chance to converse with them and it was evident that they take pride in the things that they do. Christina had shared that they tend to use natural ingredients and no preservatives. They are open to requests from customers and not adverse to having to tweak their bakes in order to cater to most customers.

For instance, their "asian shepherd's pie" doesn't use any cheese nor tomato paste. This was so that customers whom are not tolerant to cheese could still enjoy the pie. However, should there be customers whom prefers cheese in their shepherd's pie, just let Christina know in advance and she might just be able to cater to your request.

guess the meat-fillings of this pie~
(front) beef  @$3.70 and (back) chicken @$3.00

The shepherd's pie uses on russet potatoes and are handmade daily. Most of their goods are baked on-site at the stall. The potatoes tasted fluffy, light and moist.

There are quite a bit more variety for the muffins. The usuals include blueberry, blueberry chocolate chips, orange, double chocolate and banana muffins. The unusual would be the chinese herb flavoured muffin. The price ranges from $2.10 to $2.30 for muffins.

(top clockwise) banana chocolate chip, orange, double chocolate muffin and vanilla
(front clockwise) herbal (litsea cubeba), blueberry chocolate, blueberry muffins

The muffins could be eaten either chilled or warm. For blueberry and herbal muffins, these are recommended to be eaten warmed as its fragrance and flavour would have been enhanced.

The warm muffins were indeed soft and bouncy.

segments of double chocolate muffin

Christina had shared that the litsea cubeba was boiled for 12 hours before it was chilled and consumed as a drink. On its own, it tasted bitter with licorice-like finish (苦甘味). This herb is said to be good in dispelling flu and cold, plus able to relieve fatigue. However, not many would be acceptable to this bitter taste, so Christopher made use of it in a muffin form so that the benefits of this herb could be enjoyed by most.

Next, we sampled quite a bit of its no frills cakes. First, we had the mixed fruit cake, butter cake and the banana cake.

(top clockwise) fruit cake, butter cake and banana cake

The butter cake was made with Golden Churn butter and it was indeed very rich, creamy and buttery. The banana cake was slightly drier and it contained about 80% banana. Am not a fruit cake person, so no comments for that.

butter cake
banana cake
Was more interested in the swiss rolls. Tried three flavours that night; latte coffee, vanilla and pandan. All were good. The swiss rolls here were purposedly made to be slightly more dense and compact. Its texture was more chewy-bouncy kueh-like rather than fluffy cake type. Interestingly, meringue is used instead of the usual cream for the swiss rolls. Meringue is lighter yet tasted similar to cream. The coffee and pandan fragrances were really strong and enticing. Lovely.

(front anti-clockwise) pandan, vanilla and latte coffee

The chewy brownie here was quite good as well. Preferred it over the choc fudge cake.

(bottom) chewy brownie and (top) choc fudge

And for the finale, we had the Five Layer Cake. This was created in-lieue of rainbow cake. Each layer has its own flavour; chocolate, coffee, orange, vanilla and one more that I cannot remember. Very likeable especially if you like kek-lapis.

Bakes n Bites also do baby full-month packages and custom-made birthday cakes, so do email/call Christina, to find out more.

Five Layer Cake

This was an invited tasting. Thank you Christopher and Christina for hosting us and the HWG team for the invite.

Bakes n Bites

Location: #01-164, 51 Old Airport Road, Singapore 390051
Contact:  +65 90083463
Business Hours:
Tue - Sat: 11:00 - 21:00
Sun: 09:30 - 21:00


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