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Travel | Hokkaido mid-May 2015 | Sushizanmai Susukino すしざんまい すすきの店

Prior to visiting Hokkaido, the planner in me had made a list of potential eating places around Sapporo. Places like Ramen Alley and Ebiten were added to my Sapporo Eats Google Map. However, it took me quite a while to walk to Susukino from Sapporo Station as many detours were made to visit the touristy sights along the way.

And so, it was already 2pm when I finally reached Susukino. It also took me longer than expected to find the famous Ramen Alley. Surprisingly small and since it wasn't exactly lunch hour, the place was kind of deserted. Prices for a bowl of ramen there ranges from ¥1000 upwards.

must have picture when in Susukino

Next, wanted to check out Ebiten Bunten for its fried tempura but sadly, it was already 245pm when I found it. The shop was having its mid-day break then.

Finally settled on having sushi for lunch as I spotted Sushizanmai from across the street. The shop was quite spacious and was really empty. Guessed no one eats sushi for tea-break.

Weather was hot, and it was rather tiring having walked from Sapporo to Odori, and Odori to Susukino. An order of beer is a must.

draft beer @¥450 with compulsory otoshi @¥200

Was seated at the sushi counter and had access to the chef. For drinks, the waitress took the order. For sushi, one could inform the sushi chef directly.

The cold beer was served together with a compulsory otoshi お通し. As usual, a warm towel or oshibori おしぼり was provided as soon as you're seated. The otoshi was vinegared vege and seaweed. Tasty.

As I was the only customer then, chef was able to serve out the sushi fairly quickly. The North Island platter has botan ebi, uni, ikura, hotate (scallop), kani (crab) and shellfish. Adequate wasabi has already been added to the sushi hence, there was no need to request for more. I did, and chef really gave a large pinch of wasabi.

North Island 6-piece sushi platter 北海六宝盘 @¥1080
Was kind of awkward to be sitting at the counter since I can't converse in Japanese. Chef would go about his activities, which included chopping up the leftover odd pieces of the sashimi.

The botan ebi was nicely firm and full of seafood umami. Was sucking the head of the prawn when chef suddenly came over and took the prawn head from me. Was a tad surprised. He then helped to break it further so that its easier to suck. Haha.

Loved the scallop for its sweetness. Fresh tasting uni that's creamy and non-funky. Enjoyable and inexpensive. Made an extra order of hamachi for ¥148 a piece. I think 7 pieces of sushi is about the max for me. No more room, otherwise, there's still chutoro and otoro! Come to think of it, I didn't get any of those during this trip. -_-'''


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