Thursday, June 25, 2015

Travel | Hokkaido mid-May 2015 | Hakodate - Lucky Pierrot ラッキーピエロ

Lucky Pierrot, or locals may affectionately call it as "LaPi", is a fast food burger joint that is overflowing with kitsch. Exclusive to Hakodate area, this surely warrants a visit!

However, Hakodate was raining from the moment I arrived. Locating the hotel was an  in adventure in itself, and 'Grand' is surely a misnomer! But, that story can wait.

Sky was gloomy, weather was cold and the pavements wet. Thankfully, rain had reduced to a slight drizzle so it was time to hunt for food.


Most buildings and the streets were dark, so I headed towards that one nearest location where bright lights shone. Hey, turned out there's a Lucky Pierrot just minutes away from my block. Nice.

Lucky Pierrot - where everyday is Christmas
more Santa figurines at the upper floors balcony

Walking into the shop felt a tad like entering into those creepy amusement park that you'd likely see in a B-grade American movie.

ordering counter
Its menu is pretty extensive with over many types of burgers, and curry rice. Liked how they'll tag the bestsellers so I had an easy time choosing one. Naturally, went for their #1 item. After ordering, you'll be issued with a ticket. Then, wait.

collect with this ticket

Was quite a long wait for a fast food joint but that's because food was made upon order. Service was polite, as usual.

Lucky Pierrot 人气No.1  - Chinese Chicken Burger @¥385

Got a can of Sapporo Classic from the vending machine outside the hotel room. How convenient! About SGD3 for one can.

huge chunks of juicy chicken thigh meat, deep fried and coated with sweet sauce
so good

That was one good burger. Value for money. All chicken burgers should look like this.

wash it down with good old beer

Lucky Pierrot



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