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Morgan's Christmas Platter 2013 @ Morganfield's Star Vista

Christmas came early at Morganfield's! For the month of November and December, one can try the ala-carte Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones, Christmas Thyme Sticky Bones, or Morgan’s Christmas Platter (for 4 pax). There are festive drinks too. Fancy a Red Christmas Cooler, White Christmas Sangria and Santa's Big Mug. Sounds very xmas'sy, ya?

Thanks you Morganfield's for giving us the opportunity  to try the Morgan's Christmas Platter, Festive Dessert Platter and Christmas drinks. Warning: Only meatatarians shall proceed! (seriously)

Morgan's Christmas Platter (for 4 pax @$149.90++)

The Christmas Platter needs to be reserved 5 days in advance, and delivery islandwide is available too with an additional charge of $25 per delivery location. Party at the office? At home? woOOooHoOo!

The restaurant was bustling with customers, and seems like the Christmas Platter is already becoming quite popular as I saw other tables also had this too!

It needs about 15 minutes for them to prepare prior to serving, so we had sauteed mushrooms with parmesan. This was one tasty dish, albeit a tad heavy on salt. Good as beer food. Definitely need a drink when eating this.

sauteed king mushrooms with merlot garlic butter, sprinkled liberally with chopped spring onions and parmesan cheese

Red Christmas Cooler (@$8.90++)

Red Christmas Cooler tasted primarily of watermelon, cranberry juice and a touch of lemon with some raspberries thrown in. A refreshing drink but was patiently awaiting the alcoholic ones. Keke.

xmassy deco

Had expected quite a bit of food, but yet, was still awed when the platter arrived.

Morgan's Christmas Platter 2013 (for 4 pax, and some more)

There were 2 humongous turkey drumsticks, a couple of thick slices of ham, good amount of boiled broccoli, roasted pumpkin and potatoes, many sausages (6), one half-slab each of cranberry and thyme ribs, and 3 muffins.

dinner guests couldn't help but to snap a few shots of that huge platter

Essentially, it did look like 4 main courses all plated together but between the four of us, we couldn't finish everything. So, this one is good for 5 pax, unless your group consists of very very hungry people and those that can eat alot type!

let's dig in!

The ham looked abit dry but it was good. Thicker slices of good ham always worked. For the ribs, personal preference was the Christmas Thyme Sticky Bones but my friends mostly preferred the Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones. They felt that the sweetness found in cranberry ribs was more natural than thyme ribs. Hmm, salty sweet for Christmas Thyme Sticky Bones!

The Italian sausage was pretty spicy, so it served as a counter-balance for all the sweetness from cranberries coated turkey and ribs.

hey there, cheese sausage *nom nom nom*

White Christmas Sangria (@$12.90++)

White Christmas Sangria is a mix of Sauvignon Blanc, peach puree, diced green apples and oranges. Tasted fruity. Maybe a 10% increase of the alcohol ratio would be good to make this a slightly more 'adult' drink.

Serving turkey drumsticks, would be a first for Morganfield's. Don't think I've ever come across any other restaurants that does the same. Have you? Turkey, to me is one tough chick. Breast meat cooked fine, would come across as a little dryer than chicken meat. How about turkey drumsticks? First time having 'em at Morganfield's!

do engage the men, in carving the meat out of the turkey drumsticks

Was informed that preparation of the drumsticks prior to cooking required some tedious effort from the kitchen staff in de-veining it. Hence, we ate it with appreciative hearts. Thanks. That said, do use the ribs knife to cut the meat, exercise some patience as there are still some tough bits (think it was some finer bones) in it or best, ask somebody else to cut it for you. Flavour wise, it tasted sweet because of the cranberry sauce coating its skin and its meat was denser than chicken's. Turkey always gave a xmas'sy feel~

For (thirsty) guys, you may want to drink this. Santa's Big Mug, a 1-litre mix of american craft stout beer and Kronenbourg Blanc! It's a man's drink! Looking like a lager, some bitterness but not very stout-tasting and pretty smooth.

Santa's Big Mug (@$21.90++)

Then, it was time for desserts. Top up $10++ with each order of Christmas Platter to get the Festive Dessert Platter. Yep, our stomachs were already bursting at its seams but we grew another one for desserts.

long, long plate of Festive Dessert Platter
Festive Dessert Platter consists of bread and butter pudding, Christmas pudding, brownie and 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream.

Christmas Pudding to get all the xmas'sy feels, brownie to give a solid down-to-earth familiarity while bread and butter pudding was winner! Bread and butter pudding was yums (but very sweet!)

Christmas pudding tasted like fruit cake but with less 'cake'
very sweet, good alcohol buzz from the sauce and pudding'gy texture that's just right

Thank you Morganfield's for the invitation. Your team of dedicated staff who's proud of what they do, translated into guests receiving good service while dining at the restaurant. However, on the night of visit saw a busy restaurant and at times guests had to wait that bit longer for their bill.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Now you know there's a Morganfield's option for your party~


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