Sunday, November 24, 2013

Foodpanda - Food Delivery in Singapore [Contest Available: Read on and Win Foodpanda Discounts!]

Feeling lazy on a weekend? Doesn't feel like going out? Sick of instant noodles?

How about calling for delivery? Can't remember which number belongs to which shop? Well, luckily the good folks at had done the job of consolidating participating restaurants that offers delivery so that we can just refer to Foodpanda site to do the ordering.

Sounds easy? It is. Because I've tried it.

Before that, you might want to create an account first and setup delivery address and such.

start here

Step 1: Location to deliver to

Key in your delivery postcode, ie. postcode for home or office etc. Then click on 'Find food now!' button. The site will only show all the restaurants that offer delivery to the abovementioned location.

filter to narrow down the choices
Step 2: Choose a restaurant

The rating tool was useful since there are alot of restaurants that I've not tried before. Picked one that has high rating and also high number of ratings received. Also chose one that offers free delivery. Do look out for deals from the various restaurants before deciding.

decided to order Indian Cuisine

Another useful information, is the estimated time it takes to deliver. If it takes 120 minutes and you're very hungry, then it might be better to just pick one that delivers within 60 minutes.

Step 3 and 4: Payment and delivery

Payment can be done via cash on delivery or via paypal. If one chooses cash on delivery, then the customer need to specify how much change is required.

Once the order is confirmed by the restaurant, there will be an acknowledgement via sms. This takes about 10 minutes. In the sms, the estimated delivery arrival time is made known. For mine, it was stated as 80 minutes but the delivery arrived within 60 minutes.

order submitted at  6.50pm, food delivered by 8pm
neatly packed, there's a free can of coke light too~

Ordered Butter Chicken and Omar Shariff Briyani from Omar Shariff Restaurant, located at Sixth Avenue, Bukit Timah.

Omar Shariff Briyani (@$17.80+)
briyani rice packed with boneless mutton, boneless chicken and cubed cheese, served with raita

The pappadum was somewhat smashed up but still crispy. The briyani could be shared amongst 2 pax of small eaters. The mutton cubes were tender and plenty of it to go around. The chicken pieces were rather tasteless though. Rice was fragrant but not overpowering. There's an hard boiled fried egg too. The raita gave this a sourish tang.

butter chicken (@$17.70+)

The butter chicken came in a small container. Felt rather pricey for such a portion. Taste wise, it was nicely sweet and just mildly spiced. Lots of gravy for the rice.

delivery dinner for 2 pax

Foodpanda has an app that one could download from Google Play or App store. Convenient to order for delivery while one is on the way home from the office!

foodpanda app for mobile

To all supporters of Purple Taste, good news! Foodpanda has kindly sponsored 4 discount codes worth $5* each to be given away. Interested readers, do email me asap! Contest closes on Friday 29 Nov 2013, or while stocks last.

Once again, thank you Marguerite and Foodpanda for the opportunity to try this service.

*Condition: min. order of $10, valid till 20 Nov 2014 and for one time use only


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