Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fish & Co @ Novena Square

Located at Level 3 of Novena Square. Visited on a weekday for lunch and it wasn't crowded.

signature tabletop accessory
ample seats

It must've been awhile since I last visited Fish & Co (any branch). Just realized that they've implemented iPad ordering system. But no, they didn't do away with service charge.

order here

For students, one could get the Student Specials of a Fish & Chips and a drink for just $9.50. Need to show the student pass for verification.

whitebait (@$5.95++)
prawn fritters (@$5.95++)

The whitebait portion was quite small. Preferred the prawn fritters. No doubt it was quite oily, but the batter was crisp and the prawn wasn't that tiny. The chili dip was nicely refreshing.

Seafood Platter for 2 (@$40.95++)

The platter was good, lots of chips and we had taken a liking to the sauce that coated the mussels.

black pepper cod (fingerlings portion) @$9.95++

If you happen to see 'fingerling' mentioned in the menu, it means a smaller portion. Was quite dissappointed by the grilled cod fingerling. The fish was tough and tasteless. One wouldn't have expected this from a 'cod' fish.

Payment via Citibank card would get 10% off on ala-carte items.


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