Saturday, April 27, 2013

The House of Robert Timms @ Wheelock Place (Part III)

Had dinner there on a Thursday evening.

We came as a group of three, and ordered some starters and a main to share.

Spinach and Mushroom Salad (@$14++)
mushroom, pine nuts, bacon, cheese and baby spinach

The salad came with a small bowl of dressing that was bacon oil with balsamic vinegar. Oily aftertaste that's similar to bak kwa. It's an either you-love-it or hate-it affair. The bacon wasn't crispy. Having salad with bacon oil, seems somewhat defeating the purpose of a healthier choice, doesn't it?

Mussels (@$19.50++)

For the mussels, one can choose the choice of sauce and we had the chili base. Quite liked this dish as the mussels were of a good size and the bread was crispy.

closer view of the mussels

Had BBQ buffalo wings (@$12.50++) as well, but it was kind of tough.

Barramundi with Cilantro (@$26.50++)

The barramundi was nicely thick and sat ontop a bed of mash. But the mash wasn't smooth and creamy. It was actually kinda dry and somewhat lumpy. Liked the greens, the tomatoes and of course, the fish. The flesh was firm and easy to eat.

There's a 15% discount if you're paying with POSB/DBS credit card.


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