Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

Visited on a Friday evening and the place was bustling after 7pm. Chose to sit at the alfresco dining area.

menu, with Today's Specials

The service staff are dressed in blue checkered shirts, and service was brisk since the place got rather busy towards the later part of the evening.

Asahi draft

For warm evenings, have a glass of Grapefruit Asahi (@$10++) to cool. Pleasant tasting and luckily the grapefruit wasn't too sour.

Grapefruit Asahi

Beer sipping and watching the world goes by while waiting for friends to arrive.
outdoor seats

Ordered Truffle Fries and Grilled Chicken Salad for starters. Not many pieces of grilled chicken though, but still likeable. The julienned green apples was sweet sourish and was a good complement to the salad.

Grilled Chicken Salad (@$15++)
grilled chicken, wild rocket, julienned green apple, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts with vinaigrette dressing
Fries (@$9.50++) straight cut fries, parmesan cheese with truffle oil

The fries were served piping hot, and aromatic with truffle oil. Was feeling quite full after finishing the starters. So we ordered just two mains to share. The ravioli looked pretty. In terms of taste, I'd prefer the spaghetti as am not a fan of doughy ravioli. The tenderloin cubes could do with a little bit more tenderness but it was still tasty. Polished these dishes in no time.

Ravioli (@$22++)
ravioli, spinach ricotta, tomato sauce

Spaghetti with beef tenderloin cubes (@$20++)
tenderloin cubes, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

Also tried the tiramisu and piccolo latte. Tiramisu was not overly sweet but seemed like there wasn't any alcohol taste either. The piccolo latte was thick and can be enjoyed without any sugar.

tiramisu (@$8++)
piccolo latte (@$4++)

The food above was enough to feed four ladies. In fact, was feeling super full after dinner. Last order was around 9.15pm as the place closes at 10pm.


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