Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fukuichi Japanese Dining @ TripleOne Somerset (Part III)

Had dinner there recently. It was warm dining inside, hardly any air-conditioning felt.

Ordered a bento set, and ala-carte of kani tofu and kani karaage (deep fried soft shell crab).

kani tofu (century egg, tofu and crab) @$6++

Some parts of the bento arrived first; the salad and the appetiser.

salad of lettuce and shredded cabbage
half the bento

full bento set (exclude soft-shell crab) @$40++

It was rather peculiar, as we got only half the bento and the next half arrived like 17 minutes later...

sushi (part of bento set)
sashimi of salmon, tuna and prawn (part of bento set)

 The soft-shell crab portion looked much less than previous.

kani karaage (@$10++)

Dessert was mochi with red bean plum. It's an interesting dessert. First time having this, and served in iced-small dish. Thought it was ice-cream at first. Hehe. Not sure whether it was mochi or a daifuku. There's a bit of cream inside.

powdery red bean, plum and cream mochi

Dinner costs around $67 for two pax.


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